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  1. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Krab's Staff Application

    General Info In game name: Krabs Discord name and number: Krabs#5544 Proffered name: Krabs Age (Must be 16+, You may be asked to provide ID): 17 Timezone: GMT + 1 Activity How many regiments are you apart of: 1 Which Character do you play most: Fleet How long you play during the week per day...
  2. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Krab's Fleet Application

    Basic Info Trooper Name: CG PVT 6554 Krabs Regiment: CG Current Rank: PVT Age: 17 Playtime: 593.82 hours OOC Information Do you have a microphone: Yes Quick Summary about you: I am from the UK and i have a very big interest in star wars in real life and also I really enjoy playing on Gmod...
  3. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Marcus's Staff Application.

    Big +1 from me. Your a great guy in and out of RP and I believe you would make a fine addition to the staff team. Ive never had a problem with you and you conduct yourself in a mature manner.
  4. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Nick's fleet application

    I have decided to ACCEPT your application contact an admiral for more information regarding training etc.
  5. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Fleet Application

    Congratulations you have been ACCEPTED find me in game for your induction and further details.
  6. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Ellis Fleet Application :-)

    You have been accepted into fleet see a member of High Command for training when you are next online.
  7. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Xardorian's Application

    Great guy and will make an ideal staff member. You've shown maturity and a positive personality. You have a big +support from me
  8. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Blitz' Fleet app

    You can been accepted in fleet contact a high command when you are next on
  9. Krabs

    REJECTED Wraths Fleet Application!

    Due to your lack of experience as a trooper this application will be denied. I would like to see you play as a trooper instead of a jedi so I can see how you act. If you still wish to join reapply once you've gained some trooper experience.
  10. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Blitz' Fleet app

    From what ive seen, you are an excellent trooper and I haven't got anything negative points to post. I will wait for more opinions until I make a final decision.
  11. Krabs

    Wrath II's Fleet Application

    You are Denied take it seriously if you want to join.
  12. Krabs

    REDUCED Fleet Application

    Ok after plenty pf time to think and a lot of discussion I can come to the decision to deny this application. I can see you having potential as a good fleet but youve less than proven yourself as a responsible player. This is one of the harder decisions for me to make. If you can buck up your...
  13. Krabs

    REDUCED Fleet Application

    As others have said personally ive only had positive encounters with you so I will sleep on the decision and post a reply tomorrow. However your rank is concerning due to the lack of leadership you have shown. If you were to be accepted you would need to buck up your ideas and make sure you...
  14. Krabs

    REDUCED Nope's Fleet Application

    After much discussion with other fleet. I have come to the decision that this application will be denied. If you wish to re-apply wait 2 weeks.
  15. Krabs

    REDUCED ExoticButter Ban Appeal

    I followed the same procedure as i would with any player regardless of your time on the server. Racism and the use of racist slurs on the server and towards other people will not be tolerated. The context you used the phrase in was not appropriate and the player felt upset that you found it ok...
  16. Krabs

    ban appeal

    What was the ban for?
  17. Krabs

    REDUCED Nope's Fleet Application

    As mystic said your experience is lacking on the server. However the time i have seen you on ive been impressed by your leadership and other skills. I will wait for more replies before making a final decision.
  18. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Colie's Fleet App

    Congratulations your application into fleet has been Accepted. Speak an admiral for more information concerning your induction and boot camp.
  19. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Colie's Fleet App

    You seem to have earned the praise of your peers and you strike me as a mature and good candidate for fleet. You have my support on this app however i will wait for further replies before coming to a decision. My only concern is what will happen to EOD if you arent there to lead them.
  20. Krabs

    ACCEPTED Mythics fleet application

    Overall I would say that you are an ideal member of fleet. In game you have shown a genuine interest in the role and I am more than happy with your performance as a trooper. You have proven to be dedicated to your previous roles and im sure you'll do the same as fleet. However I am going to wait...