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  1. Drewbie

    funny meme yes yes

  2. Drewbie

    some cool new addons that should or would make the server more unique and fun

    There are some good addons in your list there. We have actually tried mTokens, but htere are some interactive scripts in there that would be really cool.
  3. Drewbie

    Weapons MP5-K

    I don't think there's a MP-5K yet on this weapon base.
  4. Drewbie

    ACCEPTED Bailey's Ban Appeal

    Unbanned Please next time don't use staff member or head of staff infront of your names, this goes for your friend as well.
  5. Drewbie

    ACCEPTED Tips's Admin application

    I see you made improvements on your app, very nice.
  6. Drewbie

    The themes, f4 menu

    I'm looking into replacing it actually, just havent found a really good one yet.
  7. Drewbie

    38 ppl killed xD got banned

    Listen up this boi @Ferret slays droids on Genosis for a living, so to him 38 is nothing.
  8. Returning legend winning

    Returning legend winning

    Returning legend winning
  9. Drewbie

    Bosca's ban appeal

    Moved to the SWRP section
  10. Drewbie

    ACCEPTED Del Boy Ban Abuse Report

    I did warn and ban you for 12 hours. Is was a soft ban because it was the first time we caught you doing so. I tried to ask you several questions and you never responded. And if you were just aimlessly walking in "one direction" its still considered AFK, on World Of Warcraft you are...
  11. Drewbie

    Add-ons Idea regarding for new players & myself

    We are not allowed to edit the map. So the only solution is get a map addon or change to a different map. I’m sure some agree with you, at least on the strawpoll.
  12. Drewbie

    2 problems, that's it.

    TV entity can't be fixed due to gmod updates, I might need to remove it :( 2. Is a part of this addon:
  13. Drewbie

    Weapons Keypad Crackers [For ENGs] + Weapons Checker [For CG]

    I'll just say that keypad cracker addon is extremely small. We can also add "deployable keypad crackers" since we already own this addon If...
  14. Drewbie

    Map pick feedback

    I don't know if anyone else is experiencing low FPS around the PD, but this could be why. My FPS did get better when I restarted the game though.
  15. Drewbie

    Map pick feedback

    We can add a map addon.
  16. Drewbie

    Map pick feedback

    Hi! This thread is simply to get some feedback on the map I picked. Did you like it did you not? any problems? also please leave a vote if you liked it or not. I will also post similar threads on different topics. So keep everything else out of this discussion like leveling speed, weapon base...
  17. Drewbie

    Raiding, gun crates and so on.

    I see your pint Cute, but did you know there are a gun dealer which actually sell guns? To a decent price and it can be just as good as a common-rare perma gun. You can also buy better weapons but they are more expensive, but I might make it cheaper.
  18. Drewbie

    Changes to CCRP

    We still have the "gems" in the code, but they are not obtainable anymore because they were so extremely bugged. We may fix them down the line, but first I want to get the inventory to a nice state. Upgrade scrolls are still in the game and every weapon above common can be upgraded, but if you...
  19. Drewbie

    Changes to CCRP

    Good suggestions, but right now I need to focus on fixing bugs etc first. If People purchase packages and funds the server, thats certainly a possibility. however Im not sure how attachments could be unlockable without editing the weapon base. And thats something that I dont want to do, so I...
  20. Drewbie

    Changes to CCRP

    Hi! In this thread I will present some of the changes which has been applied to the new CrewConflictRP. I will also explain why these changes have been made. You can feel free to comment your opinion, but it keep the critcism constructive if you think something is wrong. Inventory The inventory...