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  1. Trapper

    Niccs Application

    Idk why people don’t think your good for staff but you when I’ve seen you are helpful, kind and know what ur doing. So big +1for what I’ve seen
  2. Trapper

    501st -> Juggernaut Swuadron

    Basic Information In-Game Name: 501st LGN T CPT 0039 Utopia Discord Name: Utopia the Lightning Steam Profile:STEAM_0:1:421392896 Current Regiment and Rank 501st and Captain Regiment you want to transfer to Juggernaut Date of last transfer December 22nd Transferal Information Why do you want...
  3. Trapper

    Trox's Ban Appeal

    Why would you be sending that to your friends anyway???
  4. Trapper

    Regimental ARC

    Yes, love the idea. And current ARC don’t miss out. Since juggernaut we have two inv only regiments
  5. Trapper


    Don’t be too sad shady
  6. Trapper


    Basic Information In-Game Name: CBG SO Utopia Discord Name: Utopic Future Steam Profile:STEAM_0:1:421392896 Current Regiment and Rank CG SO (EXO) Regiment you want to transfer to 501st Date of last transfer can’t remember Transferal Information Why do you want to transfer regiment: I’ve done...
  7. Trapper

    Brad's Builder App

  8. Trapper

    The Great SWRP 2019 REVIEW!

    From CG perspective the old brig is better and D3 is good. I do like parts of the ship as there is more Engie RP available but overall I don’t like the knew one. I like the server but maybe some DDay stuff after Christmas as some players leave as they don’t come back. But game night was good...
  9. Trapper

    Beast Staff Application

    +1 also NCS was epic wasn’t it
  10. Trapper

    Transfer request Fleet to 41st

    By 41st you mean CG yes?
  11. Trapper

    Bean's Staff app

    Ew its bean +1
  12. Trapper

    Alexware02's Fleet Application

    +1 Why not it’s Christmas
  13. Trapper

    Bills Staff Application.

    I think I’ll +1 nice guy. Helps with me being a dumby in past. Can sometimes have bad attitude in certain situations but think given time as admin he’ll do good. In past I acc thought he was an admin
  14. Trapper


    Take care of my adopted son
  15. Trapper

    104th to CG (Ah shit, here we go again lads)

    Bruce is not on the blacklist as agreed with generals and assigned fleet
  16. Trapper

    104th to CG (Ah shit, here we go again lads)

    You changed it 🖕
  17. Trapper

    Discord Chat (DC Quotes)

    people are always saying funny dumb stuff why not have dedicated chat to them?
  18. Trapper

    Bruce's transfer from CG to 104th

    See ya in a couple months back in CG
  19. Trapper

    Inza's transfer

    Mazy looks like he make right choice