SWRP Rank Giveaway Raffle

SWRP Rank Giveaway

We are giving away an SWRP Bundle, Jedi and RC package to three lucky winners.
SWRP Bundle
  • This pack sets you up ready for everything DC SWRP has to offer.
    • Includes the following roles and characters
      • SWRP VIP
        • $250,000 in Game
        • 100% XP Bonus (200% and 400% during events!)
        • Unique icon and rank in Hud, Chat and on the scoreboard.
      • RC
      • Jawa
      • Astromech Droid
      • Wookie
Join the ranks of the Jedi, as a Padawan of course. Includes a lightsaber as standard.

Republic Commando
Join the ranks of the RC, you'll be introduced to the regiment based on your current experience (if any). It includes access to specialist equipment, and of course a jetpack - as standard.

  • You may enter once into this raffle.
  • Alt accounts are prohibited and entering more than once will result in a community forum ban for all accounts.
  • The SWRP bundle will add to any existing roles, it does not provide you with an additional copy of the role to gift to someone else. If you have all the roles, you forfeit your prize to the next available eligible winner.
  • If you are already RC or Jedi and win a role you have already, you forfeit your prize to the next available eligible winner.
  • Winners may not exchange, transfer, gift, or sell their rank to another account.
  • The ID linked to your forum account will be the ID used for the award - you may not apply a rank to an alt account.

Status: Drawn
Winner(s): Wallace, J.Rod, Snipestorm
Start date: Oct 27, 2018
Enter through: Oct 31, 2018 12:00 PM
Draw date: Oct 31, 2018 12:00 PM
Entries per user: 1
Number of prizes: 3
The raffle has ended.
The winner(s) have been drawn.