3rd Party Reseller Agreement

Last Update 30/01/2018

3rd Party Reseller Agreement

This document outlines your arrangement with DC, Drew's Community to resell, operate and distribute licences for our content.

Our 3rd Party Reseller programme is designed to improve the trust relationship between players who want to exchange items with real currency or purchase VIP and Premium through other payment methods outside of PayPal.

To qualify to offer this service we need you to adhere to the terms and conditions below, a signed and dated copy must then be sent to Xirii.

General Terms

  • All resellers must outline their current products, payment methods and their terms, keep them up to date and display them at all times at: https://drewscommunity.com/forums/third-party/
    • Your profile must contain in a clear format:
      • The products you are selling, their prices and evidential proof they exist (use the media section to build an album of your stock)
      • The payment methods you accept
      • Your terms and conditions for sale
      • Links to our VIP/Premium terms and conditions and Forum rules (specifically the end-user third party terms).
      • The appropriate methods of contacting you
      • What happens when there is a problem
  • You are permitted to re-sell licences of our VIP/Premium service via purchasing as a gift through our store (https://drewscommunity.com/store) provided you offer payment methods other than PayPal.
  • You are permitted to re-sell licences for Weapons, Materials and other in-game content through any payment method. Drew's Community currently enforces a 10GBP/12EUR/14USD (Any/all currencies capped to nearest significant figure of 10GBP) limit to pricing including any and all fees.
    • Items above this figure are subject to a 20% service charge payable to Drew's Community.
    • This is to ensure pricing for content is fair, especially as in-game content is subject to change and variation at any time. High pricing of individual items and their sudden removal causes trouble for you and trouble for us.
    • This is not a service designed to act as a "second job" or alternative income, see termination rules.
  • You are not permitted to resell in-game currency. It is volatile, and subject to abuse in both selling and obtaining it. This is currently reserved for official channels only at this time. You may re-sell the official currency packages subject to the pricing requirements specified.
  • Where possible, Drew's Community will support you and encourage players who cannot use our official store to seek your services.
    • You may not advertise your services on the forums outside of your profile page.
    • You may not advertise your services on the discord outside of the auction-house channel or as a reply to relevant questions in other channels..
    • You may not advertise your services direct to a player in-game or via steam except when:
      • Responding to a player query.
      • Relevant to the current conversation topic.
  • You may not store, lend or rent out stock available for sale on alt, friend or partner accounts.
  • This agreement does not entitle you to buy from non-third-party reseller accounts.

Pricing Requirements

  • Pricing must be in a valid currency or exchanged with items of a value in a valid currency.
  • Pricing cannot be extreme and must respect the true value of that item.
  • Setting prices to boost values, otherwise known as fixing and colluding with others to fix values will result in termination and expulsion of all members involved.
  • Drew's Community, DC, reserves the right to alter, change or remove products we deem unfair at any time.
    • We may suspend your ability to sell until we speak to you.
  • Pricing of VIP, Premium, In-Game currency packages and other officially sanctioned products must be within 50% for Ranks, 20% for In-Game Currency of the official store price.
    • This is to cover your payment fees, and enable you to earn a small margin on the sale.

When things go wrong

We expect third party selling to be a safe experience, however things can go wrong.

  • Record any and all transactions, make it clear to the buyer you are doing so.
  • As the reseller you are responsible for the support of your products, we simply offer a platform for you to do so.
  • Drew's Community will uphold it's no scamming rules to both the seller and purchaser of the products.
  • Where possible we will protect both sides, but we will not provide any monetary compensation for doing so.
    • Use the appropriate payment dispute solution relevant to your payment method chosen.
  • The seller and consumer risk permanent expulsion in the event of scamming.
  • If you are the subject to a scam you are welcome to terminate your agreement, otherwise we will suspend it (to mitigate drama) for 7 days.
  • Drew's Community will not act as a dispute resolution negotiator or moderator. We act as a unitary and final authority and will not negotiate on our decision in a dispute.


We make the following charges to keep third-party selling sustainable and fair to DC which is offering you a platform on which to trade.

  • Drew's Community reserve the right to charge a fee for this agreement as a guarantee of trust.
    • This fee at no time will exceed 30GBP.
    • This fee is negotiable and optional for those we deem trustworthy.
  • We request for all in-game items a fee of 20% where the item cost exceeds the value 10GBP incl. fees.
    • All fees go towards supporting the server funding.
    • In the case of item-item exchanges, 20% of the monetary value of the transaction will be paid.

Termination Rules

These are the conditions for recinding this agreement.

  • Violating the above conditions will terminate the agreement.
  • You may terminate the agreement at any time and return at any time by notifying Xirii.
    • Your profile will be retained but hidden from view.
  • Profiles which are not updated in a 2 week period will be suspended, after an additional 7 days we will terminate the agreement.
  • Excessive selling, and agressive selling including reliance on this platform as a "second job" or additional income will have their agreements terminated.
  • Drew's Community reserves the right to remove, alter or change this agreement at any time, and the right to recind the agreement from you with or without notification.
  • Drew's Community reserves the right to terminate any agreement where the currencies aren't legally bound to any governmental organisation including bitcoin (BTC) and its variants.
  • Termination of third party sellers will be announced on the forums, discord and in-game for user safety.
These terms were last updated 24/04/2018 by Xirii.