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    Staff Application - Hairy

    +1 add him pls bilbus
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    Passive RP Rank

    Perhaps, you could ask the New Server-Managers, Bilbo and Kai. Good Luck with this Idea.
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    REJECTED I want to become a admin .

    Use the guide, given by Xirii:
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    DC party

    nice one egg, very cool
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    Comment by 'Vapour' in media 'polarboi.png'

    so epic
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    ACCEPTED Hobbes' Fleet Application

    +REP I'm not on here anymore but this caught my attention. You led ARC Really well and taught me a lot. Get him in the fleet!
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    Medic idea

    So, The ARC ACE System? Sure. Sounds good, +1
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    REJECTED Jason's moderator request

    Never seen you in game, get yourself more well known in the community IMO.
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    Ok so I leave

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    UberMensch's Transfer Application

    Good luck Uber!
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    ACCEPTED mythics fleet app (again XD)

    +1 Old GA. Did a class job.
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    Transfer to SC

    Denied. Wait until you have had at least 2 weeks before re-applying.
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    ARC to 501st

    I don't see any issue, but because of your RC Commitments, are you really going to be able to put effort into 501st; as we didn't see too much of that when you became an officer in RC from an ARC perspective. If you feel you can, 1/2 Granted, wait for TK (Offensive General)'s response.
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    CrewConflict server

    Yeah, just ask in discord I'd assume
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    CrewConflict server

    There was a server wide reset of money and weapons. You've got the forums role, show it to a Senior Staff and I'm sure they'd assign it. They now just have one server on a custom downtown, I think.