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    New Chief of staff

    I certainly agree DeathShadow would be a good fit for the job
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    Which weapon should be buffed?

    spas 12 is already powerful enough. The RFB is a cool gun but with its current damage you are shooting nerf darts. I say buff the RFB
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    RESOLVED Crew Menu Bug

    The Add on we are using is still being developed for us so these bugs will happen. We are getting them fixed though don't worry
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    RESOLVED Vip Tag on discord and on the forums

    Will sort this for you when I'm home
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    Frosty's New Admin Application

    They can comment but I mainly just take staff opinions into account. That being said indont recognise you. Hop on the discord sometime?
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    Doritos Staff Application

    Hope on the discord sometime and we can have a chat :) (P.s I'm the true dorito king)
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    Denmo Admin Application

    Hey bud, tell us abit more about yourself :)
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    Took a break

    Hey dude, as these guys said get some hours back on the server and get on the discord more then I'll see what I can do
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    Nicky The Sticky's Application <3

    DECLINED. You may reapply after 2 weeks of this notice.
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    Hickori's Adminapply

    DECLINED. You may reapply after 2 weeks of this notice.
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    Shadow Unfair warn,gag & mute

    Report DECLINED. No action shall he taken against the admin in question.
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    RESOLVED Server Crashed and lost my coinflip money

    Any proof of this? As without it no refund can be issued
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    Just asking.

    If there are any deals they won't be announced they will just appear on the store so you'll have to keep an eye out
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    Which weapon should be buffed?

    Buff the Glock! Make it +10000 damage!
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    Ciaran Lynch's Ban appeal

    Not your 64 I'd pal your normal one