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    Closing SWRP

    :( I remember when this server was about to hit 100 players and everyone was hyped about server cap, really great server with lots of amazing things that happened. However DC is server that can really stem and grow up on a newer community then sticking to old guns. I think it'd be great to leave...
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    Community Thread: Setups/PCs

    The forums are fun to read and encourage me to be more active on the server :D
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    REJECTED astafons 4th fleet app

    Actually sad, Astafon gets denied 4 times while others granted instead of him :(
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    Community Thread: Setups/PCs

    Hard to get a picture of my pc itself. 4gb Ram Intergrated Graphics Card I think it's a laptop it has a battery and charger Runs Fortnite Mobile pretty well and Pubg mobile Small so easy to carry in the pocket
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    REJECTED KJ's 1000th Ban Appeal

    I guess I never 180'd :(
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    REJECTED KJ's 1000th Ban Appeal

    When did I 180
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    REJECTED KJ's 1000th Ban Appeal

    My opinion on this: No
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    Apologies and Statements

    Feelsbadman :( <3
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    REJECTED Jevils Discord ban Apeal

    Good luck on your mission to get blacklisted off every SWRP server now. I'm rooting for ya kid!
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    Look what i found on my phone

    This video is the 2nd best DC video, 1st belonging to KJ and the rocket scenario.
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    Jedi Custom Job

    Considering the harsh rules surrounding it I would say 30-40 is a fair price all things considered
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    Awaited return of 41st

    Wasn't Carnations group the same people who bullied people out of Green Company and harrased people, showed mass disrespect to multiple people and minged. But I guess they did 'nothing wrong.' They caused the downfall of GC it's simple as, you would of known if you wasn't banned during the time...
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    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    Now I hear this a lot and it gets quite irritating. It has been constantly looked over from player's side of things because what more can the player's do but give their 2 sense and have it looked over whever it be by chance the issue is sorted. There was multiple people brought up for not...
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    What would you like to see on SWRP?

    What I found DC was lacking was leadership in regiments. We saw a lot of half ass and weak commanders (not gonna name name's) who didn't care about regiments. Of course however this lead to a lot of care free attitudes and expectancies of care free regiments where people can slack with low...