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    Its me again

    being a bigot
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    New venator or just take some stuff from this one? (map)

    extensive is a good map, but it's stupidly big. Way too big for DC. -1
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    Haze's Second Ban Appeal

    Had time to change seems like a better person. +1
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    KJ BAN APPEAL 😈🔥🧊🌊

    As a someone who was involved in the KJ attack I can say I have forgiven him and moved on. I do believe this man should be freed up. +1 unban this man
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    104th - 501st

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    ACCEPTED Doom ban appeal

    note it was also after 10 PM BST and the server was informed next person to copy and paste ferrets leaving msg would be banned. So that's two discord rules broken, I don't think they will keep you banned but idk
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    REDUCED matt's ban appeal

    No 05/09/2020
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    ACCEPTED Tim's Poggers fleet application

    Despite Tim being the biggest meme I’m going to have to ask we keep this some what serious. All meme +1’s above will be ignored and not taken legit so if you want to actually support Tim and help him get into fleet I suggest rewriting your +1’s
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    ACCEPTED MAV Ban Appeal

    When it’s an edit link or public shared spreadsheet no emails are needed, everyone who’s email is not and using the sheet is given “Anonymous *insert thing here*” and if you check edit history it says “last edited by anonymous user” Also good morning Bobo
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    ACCEPTED MAV Ban Appeal

    Hello Mav I decided to retract my statement due to the fact I was snitching with no actual evidence
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    The 41st added back and GM removal

    At this point 41st/GC was more active upon removal then GM rn. However the solution to get another active reg isn’t to swap a reg