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    Bulkcannon and heists

    Nice :)
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    Hey drewbie I don't have my rank on the site? Iam vip

    Hey drewbie I don't have my rank on the site? Iam vip
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    Which map for server one?

    Evocity DC is better
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    Nuclear_killer's resignation + Goodbye DC

    We will miss you M8...
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    ACCEPTED Jimbo kidnapped me without adverting kidnap

    being so disrespectfull to admins/players randomlly shooting cars / harrasment , bongo , why u here if u so salty
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    Solids resignition [30/8/2018]

    we will miss you solid :'( #BeHappy
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    REJECTED BeSad's (henへんた's) Application

    +1 , applied the 3rd time :) , she should get accepted
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    TRIAL Skylark's Admin App

    +rep do be the best admin
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    TRIAL TCK Kiieran FASNODASA Admin Application

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    Vehicles Goverment Vehicle`s ??

    OK add the others and don't add photon ones ;)
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    REJECTED BeSad's Admin Application

    I'm minge xd? #BeHappy
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    REJECTED BeSad's Admin Application

    +support Gr8 Player - helped me alot
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    Rape Bus

    Free Candy Truck!! Just come in the back and we will push you for free candy !! xDDD Rape Truck xd w/nightsuffer