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    /rp and /advert

    +1, it’s hella hard to differentiate between OOC and Advert, which seriously affects the rp and order etc, there are more customisations on the current one, but they’re all just aesthetics and have no real use, I.e snowflakes falling on the chat, whilst having the old chat has a use
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    Which is the best HUD

    NR 2: Easier to see health, also makes it so that I don't know if I'm about to fuckin die or not when I naturally look the bottem left corner for health bar
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    501st To CG

    +1 do you lmao even tho this don't mean nothing
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    In Game Name: 501st Torrent 1st LT Dogma (or ItsHunterr) Discord Name: ItsHunterr#6818 (Or 501st Torrent 1st LT Dogma) Steam Profile: Current Regiment and Rank: 501st and 1st LT Regiment you want to transfer to: 212th Date of last transfer: N/A Why do...
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    RC Models

    +1 I agree with your point, it’s nicely written, and the player models for RC (in terms of arms and legs) are way to thin and look unhealthy to support all the armour.
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    My report against CG Commander Phasma and CG TEXO Oddball

    I was recently kicked from CG for an unfair reason. Oddball has had multiple altercations with me (and many other CG); I have had 0 altercations with any other CG. This only has arisen recently and I recently got demoted from MSG to SSG due to a sitatuation with Oddball (he got demoted to) he...
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    ACCEPTED ItsHunterr's Ban Appeal

    Sorry i dont know the difference
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    ACCEPTED ItsHunterr's Ban Appeal

    I dont know what this means
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    ACCEPTED ItsHunterr's Ban Appeal

    Steam Profile: Date:03/01/18 Around 9:15 UK Time Length: 2 days Reason: RDM (Killed noone), ERP, Minge? Admin who banned me:"Fleet Captain Zen" Why should I be unbanned: I was gagged blindfolded and tether for 20 minutes whilst i waited to...