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    Revert The Rules

    +1 The building and kidnapping rules need to be changed
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    REJECTED Jake|67 Staff Application

    +rep Very helpful player, seems mature and dedicated... could really aid the staff team with his knowledge
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    Fredis Ban Appeal

    and you told us to fix the base so they can exit without getting shot in the elevator thats why i "propblocked" the elevator coz i wanted to no-colide it and i told u if it was good but then dasu said to remove it so i did its not my problem if you lose memory in 1 day
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    Fredis Ban Appeal

    they can look at the logs i got banned like 5sec after i spawned the prop
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    Fredis Ban Appeal

    and its still a free ban
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    Fredis Ban Appeal

    its quarrantine i dont have nothing to do so i want to grind :)
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    Fredis Ban Appeal

    its a free ban so no im not happy because i didnt do shit except say that he wld stop crying coz he was salty
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    Fredis Ban Appeal 2020/04/06 around 17-18 in my country 12 hours Reason: Prop Abuse/Minging Take this Twelve hours to calm down yes. I have reduced this Kaili Chenner Why i should be unbanned : At first Kaili Chenner Tried to raid our base, and failed horribly...
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    FreddyS Ban appeal today 4hrs "Entity Spamming" Xirii Because i gave random people guns not spammed entities Some people even said in chat that i only gave guns and not entity spammed ..
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    False Ban

    I gave Random People Guns ... Thats not entity spamming and i got banned for 4 hours ?? Wut
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    until when ?

    until when ?
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    till when

    till when