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    Undenied Builder App [Genuine]

    If Undenied gets granted there might be the smallest amount of hope for the server again
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    ACCEPTED Haze's Second Ban Appeal

    You know what fuck it, I wanna see if he has changed. If not it will just be a laugh. +1
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    ACCEPTED Kings Fleet Application

    I joined Fleet from CT lmao
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    The potential readding of the 41st Elite Corps

    If planned out and implemented properly it would work. That was the downfall of Juggernaut.
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    The potential readding of the 41st Elite Corps

    It was a good idea but the way it was planned out and executed made it seem as if it was just there to look cool instead of serving any sort of purpose.
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    Cadet self training

    The system that we have works perfectly fine and DSGTs mostly enjoy doing it so why change it?
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    The potential readding of the 41st Elite Corps

    TBH I miss 41st so this may be bias but removing 2 mostly inactive regiments and combining them into one seems like a great idea to try to fix this but it would still be a risk. Either way I hope that this goes through. (Good Luck explaining how they all survived the death laser though)
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    REDUCED matt's ban appeal

    When it says Date it means the date of your ban...
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    ACCEPTED Shanks Fleet Application

    Your application is very good you have actually thought through then situations and gave a very detailed answer. Personally I haven't seen you in command but from what I have seen on your application and from what I have heard from other people you sound like you'll be good in fleet. +1
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    REJECTED Stefan s Fleet app

    The application seems rushed. You have good experience from being in ARC and EXO but you need to go through your application again and give it more detail. So currently -1
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    ACCEPTED Tim's Poggers fleet application

    +1 He was a good CG EXO and when I worked with him he proved himself to be somewhat competent, and hes a lad.
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    ACCEPTED Freddy's Fleet Application.

    Basic Info Trooper Name: CT 3738 Freddy Age:16 Playtime: Like 700+ hours? Discord name and numbers: Freddy#4180 OOC Info Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:521842486 Do you have a mic: Yes. Summary of you: I am a newly enrolled College Student from the UK I've been on the server for over a year and want to...
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    Ghost Company weapons

    Update Documents are made for a reason?
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    A formal complaint on Noot.

    Okay so where to start. Noot as an Admin does a good job. However, his events are quite the contrary, a lot of people have brought up that he likes to bend RP for the event to go his way, which although its understandable does ruin it for the people partaking in the event. A prime example of...
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    REJECTED Astafons 3rd fleet applicaion

    +1 I've seen you improve greatly since your last application. So as long as you don't kill anymore civilians I think you would do a great job.