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    The potential readding of the 41st Elite Corps

    I’ve promised drew a pound if it gets re-added.
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    ACCEPTED Astafons 5th fleet application

    Astafon we have definitely had our ups and downs, you trying to mando me multiple times etc. But the dedication you show in trying to get into Fleet is commendable, give this man a chance and we’ll be free of pocket AVCs. +1 good luck buddy.
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    Ghost Company weapons

    This is more of a suggestion you should be taking to your EXO rather than on the forums. Every month changes are made to each reg but speak to Wigo about this, along with a weapon you’re suggesting.
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    BH job....

    The issues you’ve outlined, or at least your situations are in violation of server rules, BHs are not allowed to rogue RP without permission as with every other role, they can’t kill a CG to help their buddy unless the CG has a hit on them. At the end of a day, it’s a paid role, for those who...
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    Add-ons Waypoints for air strikes and rendezvous

    I have seen this before, how would you propose the equipment be given out? Would it be given to every role as you can only see the waypoints through the binoculars.
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    REJECTED KJ's 1000th Ban Appeal

    You going to mention your Alt Account?
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    38 ppl killed xD got banned

    Even Death has a higher body count than that.
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    38 ppl killed xD got banned

    38? Rookie numbers.
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    Implementation of FearRP & NLR

    We most definitely need FearRP, it’s very annoying currently. But realistically NLR wouldn’t work well, and may be a pain in certain situations, unless we can work around that.
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    Fleet Application - Shanks

    Sure let me just Deselect All for you
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    Fleet Application - Shanks

    I- uhhh confusion?
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    212th - SC

    Basic Information In-Game Name: Ferret Discord Name: Wildd#5750 Steam Profile: Current Regiment and Rank: 212th AB Major Regiment you want to transfer to: Shadow Company Date of last transfer: Never Transferal Information Why do you want to...
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    an open message to the crooked folk who deleted my meme

    but if you got your meme deleted, do you become the meme?
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    REJECTED Nicc Fleet app No.1

    Nice take on it. I wish you luck! +1 Positive
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    ACCEPTED Quinns staff app

    Cheers for the responses. It seems you've got a good grasp on staffing. +1 Positive