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    Addressing what I think

    Mall-RP CCTV
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    Small update to map and hobo dumpsters

    Another great Update. It pleases me to see you dedicated, Drewbs!
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    Add-ons Black Jack

    According to observations, most casino furniture remain un-used and players rather prefer something simple such as "double or nothing" or "coin-machines".
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    Caado Harrasment Report 25/05

    The involved parties have been talking about scottish accents, however, how does it justify to change one's name to "tavurn" and make annotations about reports? Sure you could say that this was not involving Tavern Guy, but by changing your name to sound like "tavern" but spelled in the internet...
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    REJECTED rdm by xirii

    This video does not depict/show what you have said to him and therefor your claim of RDM being commited towards you needs to be strenghtened by further proof, however, in this case I firmly believe that this was a punishment towards a breach of the !motd you have, whether aware or unaware...
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    TRIAL Swedengamer100's 2nd Admin Application

    If I were you, I'd change the font format. You have a serif-font which is more adequate for printmedia(books). I would recommend to pick a sans-serif format for easier read on monitors, including a different color. Blue looks a bit too dark, the contrast is not given properly. Try #ffffff...
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    New UI for both servers

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    I like watching this person and all of his moves

    I like watching this person and all of his moves
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    Add-ons Barriers [Border Patrol, Police]

    Doctor, the barrier from Drover is inactive. He hasn't poked Gmod Store to re-enable his mods.
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    Add-ons Barriers [Border Patrol, Police]

    Dear community, I am presenting the recently released add-on to all of you: Focusing on this: We all know how chaotic and broken the attempted border checkpoints are ingame, yes? Often the checkpoint gets removed due to accused prop block or...
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    REJECTED Please close (I take time to get better within the community. )

    -1 Negative I think you would play chess with random players as figures. As mentioned above, there are reasons. You should know it. ( Just stating facts , nothing personal )
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    No collide exploit

    I prefer a smoother gameplay experience without any crashes so I am for this. You can still build bases, you just cannot use the secret no collided door anymore to bypass your complex maze ;)
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    NON-ISSUE Missing Vehicle after map update

    I double checked everything and the said vehicle is alright/fine. My owned vehicles are still saved.
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    Which map for server one?

    That is another dilemma, either make the experience lowkey for potato-pc owners or enhanced experience for medium/decent pc-setups. I recommend going through your settings though. Hakus for instance ran Gmod extremely shit and after going through some steps with the GPU settings, his Gmod ran...
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    Which map for server one?

    I personally would prefer the Evocity one. -Cars sort of give the player a more grand theft auto atmosphere and it would suit the actual focus of the server: Crew Conflict, robbing, mugging, cops vs robbers. -Vehicles are a nice element and a qualitative mark. Most DarkRP's do not provide cars...