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    stop talking about starwars

    stop talking about starwars
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    CrewConflict Community Update

    well done babe
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    Jobs/Economy Sell unbans.

    I get the thought behind this. But, bans are there for a reason. I also get that people would be willing to pay for another chance. But you cant buy yourself out of everything especially when it comes down to ruin the experience for other players. This is where pay to play comes in and that's...
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    Changes to CCRP

    Looks cute babe
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    Which is the best server one or two?

    I liked the DC v33x
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    The return of the dragonlore

    Great stuff as always bro, always so much care for your community.
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    Which is the best server one or two?

    I do prefer the v33x version of evocity. I just prefer the layout. Downtown is a good map size, but the textures and layout is getting really boring over the years. I think we just need a small map that equivalent to the size of downtown but with a new layout and custom textures. Gmod just...
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    Ok so I leave

    no-one really ever leaves. JS
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    Bitcoin miners are back

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    banned for watching a movie and using the slot machines

    I actually watched movies while using slot machines, it makes the time fly. Did it for runescape grinding etc. Although i dont understand why you would play a roleplay server while not engaging.
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    Dont miss this!! 90% off if you donate to drewbie between 29th november - 19th november.
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    We need your help, donate £50 to my paypal to protect ddosers from attacking innocent children. You're involved so help yourself along the way! Ignoring this post will result in ddossing and permanent retardation.
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    Bulkcannon and heists

    Sexy cunt
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    Comments on Applications

    shut ur lip