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    What's happened

    I mean the forums mate.
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    What's happened

    What's happened to Drews? I've come on the forums and it's a bit dead, whats happening?
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    REJECTED Fleet App

    I agree :)
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    Fluffy's staff Application

    +1, I remember you being extremely helpful when you were in CG, good luck mate!
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    Hi :)
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    ACCEPTED Vapour's Staff Application

    +1 this guy is so strong
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    Tim's transfer to 104th

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    Galaxy Staff app

    +1 Great guy, was a good staff member. Have fun as staff again just don't blast uber's head off again <3.
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    Thinking emoji

    that it should be used instead of like 3 different docs
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    Thinking emoji
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    DSGT to become "CO" for events in CT

    already a thing, they just dont do it (as in dsgt) Another thing you can do is just bring back CT ranks
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    @Drewbie ^ bulli