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    ACCEPTED Vapour's Staff Application

    +1 this guy is so strong
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    Tim's transfer to 104th

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    Galaxy Staff app

    +1 Great guy, was a good staff member. Have fun as staff again just don't blast uber's head off again <3.
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    Thinking emoji

    that it should be used instead of like 3 different docs
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    Thinking emoji
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    Character suggestion

    Did you play TK's plague doctor events? We can put up with a cloak.
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    DSGT to become "CO" for events in CT

    already a thing, they just dont do it (as in dsgt) Another thing you can do is just bring back CT ranks
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    @Drewbie ^ bulli
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    As a matter of FRANK I may just have to

    As a matter of FRANK I may just have to
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    Vapour is a not smellin it

    As a matter of FRANK I feel like we should ban him and give him some lynx
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    Vapour is a not smellin it

    Vapour smells and was a stinky arc general. And as a matter of FRANK not sure if I am smelling him right now. Please community ban. :)
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    Rodes' Fleet Application

    -1 I personally kicked you from CG, I wont forget that immaturity. I don't feel like you will be that serious. HOWEVER, I wish you the best of luck.