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    The future of CCRP

    One of my biggest downsides was the fact that the server was super laggy. Don't know if there is anything that can be done, or if it's just gmod's shit game engine, but worth to think about.
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    Weapon Feedback!

    I joined the server for the first time in a while and noticed a few things. I'm going to list some of these things here so please forgive me for not using the format. +627 Barret M98B sniper did 500-650 to head which is dumb considering it is a sniper. Damage should be way higher since some...
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    TTT Update 1

    In my mind yes. Much simpler and didn't have as co plicated animations. They are also already pretty well balanced for the game mode.
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    TTT Update 1

    New sniper scope is kinda bad in my opinion. Over all I feel that default weapons work better with TTT. There are some big tweaks that need to be done if these weapons are gona stay.
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    Special Event Rounds

    We used to do this with ulx commands back in the day. Would be great fun! +1
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    Maps, gravity and weapon damage

    Maps I feel that we have a few maps that aren't suited for TTT when there are over 10 people playing. The Spongebob map is a great example. The map it self is super small which makes it hard for traitors to kill anyone without someone noticing. I'm not aware of the maps that Drew added in the...
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    Name system

    Totally agree with Alex on this. Most people have a steam name that is easily pronounceable and a nickname system would make it possible for people to abuse it. -1
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    REJECTED сука блять admin application

    Yeah 100% -1, purely based on this post and the comments made. Very unprofessional not only from you, but from some others as well.
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    No collide exploit

    This was exactly what I was thinking.
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    No collide exploit

    Yeah I get why it is a problem. Maybe the building rules can be changed to ease it a bit.
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    No collide exploit

    Removing no-colliding would make defending impossible. Defending a base against a high level raider is already hard but without no collide probably impossible.
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    REJECTED Mario HD false Warn

    I for one feel that crossfire is not a good reason. If the person you killed accidentally decides to make a report you should get warned. That's ny opinion on the crossfire adverts.
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    Add-ons More casino stuff

    Maybe keep one hold em table and add a black jack table where you play against the server of course. Would be great to see some new gambling methods.
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    ACCEPTED Admin application Solid [27.10.2018]

    I haven't seen you online much. When did you come back?
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    Balance of weapons

    Really? I need to try it out my self. Did you shoot headshots with thr M500 or body shots?