Community Update 4

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Hello everyone!

There has not been long since the last community update.
But today we introduce "Trouble in Terrorist Town" server for Drew's Community.

- IP:

We are also introducing our new teamspeak:

And there has also been a few minor tweaks on CCR:

- Hud related stuff, still working on the leveling bar.

Community Update 3

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Today I bring you guys some cool news.

The big changes will be listed first:

- NEW server with Evocity v33x as the current map

- Both servers runs on the same database so all you have on server 1 you will have on server 2.

- Removed ( ITEMSTORE ( INVENTORY ) ) there will be no refund for the stuff you had there sorry.

- New rules ( No self supply gun shipment what so ever, if there are no gun dealer avaible well wait for one ). However Black Market printing accessories are still whitelisted to self supply but not armors.

- New "Store"

- Added Ferraris


- CrewConflictRP #1

- CrewConflictRP #2

Minor Changes:

- Increased the prices on weapons for more...

New Server up and running!

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Hello everyone, I will make this short because I will come with more information about what is beeing done with DC at the moment.

But for now we are ready to move into one of our servers on the dedicated box.


Please supply us with proof of your garage aswell as money, if you do not have that we can still restore your stuff.
But don't attempt to lie.

Levels were preserved.

Community Update 2

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Hello everyone!

I got some exciting news for you today!

We've added a lot of cool new stuff to the server and changed map, yes you heard right we changed map.
Some of the changes are
- New map like I said Rockford V2
- Meth ( gives exp and money )
- Cinema ( watch youtube movies on the big screen )
- Tow truckers
- New Door addon ( displays name and price )
- New cook job ( requested )
- Security Guard ( new player model and weapon )
- Grappeling hook for VIPs
- More Crew Poles

With all these changes comes a few new rules:
1. Tow truckers got to go get the cars for the mechanic and bring it to the shop so he can fix them.
2. No inappropriate youtube videos of any kind.
3. Do not lockpick the vault, it won't work and you will only make it look out of place.

Raiding the bank requires to people to push the two machines there at the same time in order to open the vault.

Hope you all enjoy!


Rule Changes 10/02/16

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Hi Guys,
Just to let you all know we have revised the rules surrounding AFK-ing as certain jobs.

Basically with the introduction of the Banking/Bank Robbing system people have been abusing how it rewards those in government positions.

So we will now demote/warn/ban anyone who is:
  • AFK-ing as CP, SWAT, CP Chief, SWAT Recon, Mayor or any other 'Government' position.
  • AFK-ing as a Banker or Basing as a banker/not working in the bank.*
*You may own a house, but most of your time must be spent at the bank. You may also belong to a base, so you can store/access your printers. You cannot defend it and visits must not exceed 5 minutes.

We are also going to be a lot more vigilant on announcing raids. It is your choice to announce the start of the raid, but you must announce using /advert when you have given up or ended the raid. You do not need to use /advert for carjackings...

DC YouTube Account & more!

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Hey Guys,
Today to help with a player report I have created a new YouTube account for the group. Here we will host your player videos (with your permission, of course) and special features from the team so please subscribe!

Another purpose of this account is to host converted .DEM files for player reports. These videos will be unlisted and tied directly to the report of the player. If you see anything that breaks the rules please report them, make a recording either using the built in demo function or using fraps etc etc.

We now have finalised a proper email address. This now means that anyone using the contact us section of the site will get through to me directly.

If you need any help with any part of the site or on game, don't hesitate to contact me.


Steam Integration!

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Steam Integration is now here, thanks to the suggestion from player KforKill!

In order to combine your existing Drew's Community account you'll need to visit this page -

You will need to sign into your Steam account. Once that has gone through, you'll be asked to provide the password for your current DC account. If you have forgotten your password, sign out and use the Forgot password? feature on the forum login bar.

New registrations can be performed either through steam or directly on the site as before.

- Xirii

Community update

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Hello everyone!

I have some good news for you all today!

New Level mod

We have replaced our whole leveling system with another leveling system, the new leveling system offers alot more variety to what you want to do.
Each level will grant you a skill point and you can use these skill points on several skills.
There is also a prestige system so everytime you reach level 100 ( MAX ) you can reset and start all over again on "ranks" which will unlock new printers,new jobs and new weapons ( FA:S ).

All levels have been removed so to compesate for this I have given everyone double exp for a while.

New payment system

The new payment system is fully automatic, purchase the package...

TDMs and VCmod for Cars is here!

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Hello everyone! We just added TDMs Cars and VCmod for our CrewConflictRP server, there are alot of car brands and some are expensive some are not.

You will also be able now to store your vehicle when you talk to the dealer, all your vehicles is a one time buy!
There is also room for your friends in the cars they range from 1-7 seats!
All vehicles are sold and stored at the dealer you see in the picture below.
In addition to all of this we also made a mechanic job which can repair vehicles because they do infact take damage.

BuildRP is finaly here with a weed growing mod!

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Hi everyone some of you might know we have a weed growing addon on CCR well that has been replaced.
The new weed growing addon is here!



This pots comes in different sizes you can plant 3 at once which will grant you 5000 exp on harvest and if a single pot is harvested you will get 1500 exp.

Also we transfered alot of files from addons and over to Workshop so connecting our servers takes 5 mins instead of 30.

Inaddition to this we also launched our new server today

BuildRP for those of you who likes that!


BuildRP is for now not synced to our leveling mod but you will however have your levels from CCR when we made the transfer if you would like a fresh start just contacting me.

Proplimit for normal...

Going Legit,

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Hi Guys,
I've decided to invest in a .com domain for the group. You'll now find us at

I have moved the entire site from our gamehost provider to a dedicated webhost. This means much faster access and it makes it a heck of a lot easier to FTP files around. The gamehost provider was so incredibly slow. If we are able to shift the fastdl around, this should also make that a heck of a lot faster too.

With the new domain I've also added some DNS entries for our servers. You can also access CrewConflictRP and minecraft using these addresses:

You will also need to update any bookmarks, any links to the old site will tell you to visit instead.

TFA Weapon base is here

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We just removed MadCows and the VIP Weapons from our server, instead we have installed a very big weapon pack and base called TFA.

This is alot better and you won't get any FPS drops with this one.
All ammo can now also be bought from the f4 menu so you no longer are required to buy it from the gun dealer.

Can be downloaded here with the rest of our server content: