New test server

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Hello everyone!

I have decided to open a new test server for CrewConflictRP, what I mean by that is this is where the first updates will come so we can properly test things before installing it on the main server.

Important information:
Our two servers are synchronized on following:
  • Level and Prestige
  • Organizations
  • Money
What is not synchronized:
  • Inventory ( includes weapons and the leveling to go with it )
  • Respected, VIP and Premium are not in sync ( but you can get your rank on both servers, just ask and show proof if we need )
  • Cars
Why are somethings in sync and some things not?
That's because some data are on a remote web server and some data is local.

The map on the test server is currently Downtown


Workshop Link:

Statement on Paysafecard & Alternative Donation Methods

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It has come to my attention that the demand for purchasing VIP & Premium via Paysafecard has come to the point where we need to explain why we do not directly accept it.

Paysafe - the company that owns and permits the use of the Paysafecard only permits directly registered merchants. This means only large business' that take thousands a day in transactions are accepted into their merchant programme.

This means we have to register with a payment gateway - such as While these are a good option we have to take a hit on the money given to us (typically 15%) meaning VIP and Premium would be more expensive to players as we would have to put the price up to match what we receive from PayPal.

Additionally there are currently no systems we own that integrate directly with any of the payment gateways that support Paysafe. This means I have to spend extensive amounts of time coding an...

New weapon system

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The new update is here, and it brings a lot of new things!
These new things are:
  • New weapon system
  • New inventory system
  • New playermodels for premium
Lets start with the new weapon system because that's the main part of this update.
Now you will receive blueprints from when you print, everytime you withdraw money from your printer there is a 5% chance of obtaining a blueprint.
These blueprints are apart of the recipe to create guns, you need all the materials to craft a weapon.
That is resources from gathering, a workbench, blueprint and the proper crafting level.
Mining, lumbering and crafting can all be skilled and you skill them while you do things such as craft or harvest.
To create a workbench you first need a carpentry which you can simply create directly from your inventory after gathering the materials, once you have crafted carpentry you can create a furnace to melt ores into bars or a workbench to craft the weapons on.
Once you have crafted... Update

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Just a quick couple of updates for everyone

Ban System Changes
We have now changed our web system for viewing bans following the sudden death of the previous scripts author.

This new system operates differently and includes a built-in appeal system. Currently there are no plans to transition fully to this system - any appeals sent to it will be automatically denied.
Why? Well, although it seems easier for the person banned it does not allow a complete, open and public discussion between all parties involved. Additionally it also does not allow for anyone to upload evidence to fight their case. We currently have that ability on our forums, and there's no reason to change it for something worse.

We use the online ban system to track our admins bans to ensure they comply with the standards we set at DC, that the bans are fair, just and aren't excessive. It also enables us to protect all our servers under one umbrella. Meaning if you break a rule on any...

M9K And BodyGroup Changer!

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Hello everyone!
So today I bring you a new update to CrewConflictRP, and it contains some a few new changes.
I have made the transfer from TFA to M9K, why Drewbie why would you do this?
Well the TFA version which supports DarkRP is not gonna be updated please see ( ) for more further information.
Recently we have been pushing extreme amount of players above 50 players on at once, and I have seen the server had some trouble and there has been a few CPU spikes so I decided to run a profiler on the server when it was not a lot of people on to monitor what causes these spikes.
When I ran the profile I noticed TFA had 3 seperated bottlenecks which used a lot of unnecessary resource, and bottlenecks are not good.
We can't get this updated because it's not supported by TFA, the new weapon base of his does not work with DarkRP.
So now ware on M9K.

With this new update I also decided to add "BodyGroup...

CrewConflictRP is back up

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Hello everyone!

So CrewConflict is finaly ready to be released, and there are a lot of changes this time.
But first of all I would like to explain why it has been down so long.
I have reworked the entire server, I deleted everything and pieced it back together piece by piece. This took me really wrong because for each time I installed something back I had to test it and I found a lot of errors and addons using way more resource than they should.
So I deleted everything that I think is not essential to the server like player models etc.
Don't get me wrong there are still a lot of player models in the server, but I removed jobs such as Prestige Thief, Supreme Thief to name a few.
I also had to delete all cars and organizations but we can give you that back of course, just speak with me when I'm on the server.

Big Changes:
  • Map change to EvoCity V33X
  • Weapon base change to TFA
  • New drug addon ( Bartenders can now brew alcohol )
  • New escape menu
  • New HUD

Sun City RP

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So after a lot of work, the Sun City RP server is finaly here!
What is this and how is this different to CrewConflict? Well first of all its basicly darkrp on another map without the leveling mod we have on CrewConflict.
This gamemode is suppose to evolve around RP and not just the leveling and grinding which is on CrewConflict.
On SunCityRP there are other jobs and other models for some jobs you already know.


Workshop Link:

1. Will staff members be carried over?
- No you gotta re apply like everyone else
2. Will money be carried over?
- No, this is not gonna be like CrewConflict
3. Will VIP and purchases on CrewConflict be carried over?
- No, the server runs on a bit different VIP system now there are no premium or respected.

New administration utility *Serverguard*

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Hello everyone!

So I have now changed our from ULX to Serverguard.
Serverguard is a much newer and highly more optimized script than ULX, we can now edit stuff without having the whole server lag for a few seconds.

Everyone that are currently staff or wants to become should use these binds:
( note ulx bind !menu will still work )
bind b +serverguard_menu
bind n +serverguard_quickmenu

The server guard is really straight forward, it's very easy to use and very user friendly.
If you learned ULX you will easly learn this.

These videos contain a lot on how to edit server settings etc, but you can just skip that bit.

Community Update 9

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Hello everyone!

To celebrate the new update "Double XP week is activated".

So community update 9, what does it bring?

Community update 9 brings a new HUD for the level mod including new UI for the level panel.
You now need to press button "F6" or type /level like you use to.
Now you can also decide how many points you would like to spend on each skill, just drag the slider up and down and adjust how much you would like to spend.
No more spamming mouse button!

Small adjustments to the leveling mod:
  • Fixed bug when you prestige you could stack health, well you can no longer.
  • New prestige sound
  • Now Double XP events will be highlighted underneath the leveling bar and will also show you the XP boost.
  • As of now normal players will recieve a 100% XP increase during the Double XP event and VIPs will recieve 200%.
Other Changes:
  • Changed the playermodel on "admin on duty"
  • Jacky thief added "Purchase made by Jack" for his own model.

New official Drew's Community Downtown and Double XP Week!

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Hello everyone!

Great news today, we just recieved our own map a modified downtow with a few nice tweaks!
Go on the server and check it out, to celebrate I'm throwing a double XP week!

It will be double XP for the entire week!

Have fun!

Workshop Link:


Server upgrade, New IP and Double EXP weekend!

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Since I did a server upgrade we have changed IP!

The new IP is here:
We are also trying a new downtown map this week so go check that out, to celebrate I'm throwing a double EXP weekend aswell.

Have fun!

Workshop link for the map:

It is here CrewConflictRP

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Hello everybody!

I have some great news now, DC CrewConflictRP is up once more!


  • Money,Gang,Car and Level reset ( fresh start )
  • Map change ( RP Rockford V2B )
  • New Jobs ( FBI Agent and Detective )
  • New weapons ( expensive once )
  • New car dealer
There are more, but some things are still in the works. I just wanted to open the server as fast as possible so you all can enjoy CrewConflict once more.



Testing today join if you want

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We are testing today, join now and and have fun.
Report bugs and problems to me.



CrewConflictRP will reopen on Friday

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The title says it all, we will open CrewConflictRP on friday.

I hope everyone will try to be there, thanks :).

The map will be rp_evocity2_v5p!

Subscribe to the workshop collection to stay updated:


The return of CrewConflictRP is happening!

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Hello everyone!

Today I bring you the good news!

CrewConflictRP is on its way back, I'm moving the files over as I write this news update.
The teamspeak will also return with our new server.
I have been told that all disconnects have been fixed like we experienced on our previous teamspeak.

Some of you might want to know when you can expect to play CrewConflictRP again.
I will not have any official release date so keep tabs on the forum, I need to update a lot of addons and go through the gamemode and take out the stuff I don't want anymore and add stuff I want.

I want CrewConflictRP even better than it use to be.

For those of you wondering are my money still there, or the levels.
Yes, everything is intact for the most part.
I think Gangs are the only thing that's been wiped.


- Drew

Is there a demand for the return of CCRP?

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Hello everyone!

After the server went inactive I've recieved alot of feedback on wanting it back up.
So I still have all my files and can easly do this, but the question is are you willing to play?
The reason why I froze it was due to the inactive playerbase, we had 1-2 on each day near the end for a whole month.

So if anyone wants to see CCRP back up and running, I'd like feedback here in the comments!
Whatever is on your mind regarding map, addons etc.

Website Downtime

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Hi All,
I'd like to apologise for the website being down over the past week.

Our previous host ( discovered a flaw in one of my old websites no longer used which was subsequently used to send spam.

After removing the script and removing the sites suspension we found that for some reason PHP and MySQL on the server weren't talking properly. After multiple, and repeated explanations to they have not been forthcoming with a solution. Meaning not only was this site down, but a number of ones used for various clients in my business.

This trouble continued for well over 7 business days which is unacceptable with repeatedly stating there was an issue with the code of the site. If that was the case, how did it work before?

Anyways, I took an exact copy of the site on the old server (which was supposedly broken), and its database. Moved it to a brand spanking new (and faster) VPS provided by 123-Reg and hey presto, we are up and running again.

Sorry for the...

Community Update 7 CrewConflictRP live again

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Hello everybody

So the title pretty much speaks for itself, CrewConflictRP is up again.


So hope everyone checks in on it, with this I'm also releasing a update for CrewConflictRP


  • Added new jobs ( from Semi Serious / CityRP ) Detective, FBI Agent.
  • Adjusted Health and damage stats on the levels, now you get some more damage improvement each skill and less health, instead of 50 it's not 30. To compensate I slightly increased the damage resistance.
  • Added alot more Cars ( Motorbike, SWAT van etc )
  • New MAP: It is not confirmed this will be our main map but we will try it out ( Evocity v33x chaoscity. )
  • New Loading screen ( It will now display the servers total money and your personal money, also it will highlight the highest prestiged ranked player on the server. )
  • Added new weapons and new powerful weapons ( there are a few new guns and some of them are restricted to prestige ranks, super...

Refer a friend

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Now every server has a refer system, you can invite people and they can type !refer or !refers to get the menu up and click on you.

The person with the most "INVITES" each month on every server gets free VIP on the server he is on top on.
Not a month but for as long DC is running.

Since we're so late in July, the winner won't gets his items before the end of August.
In other words July and August will be in the same cycle.

Community Update 6 release of Semi serious & map change for CrewConflict 1

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Hello everyone!

Today I bring some good news, as many of you have probably heard we've had a semi serious server in the making.
The semi serious server will be ran by fuzzles, so he will get to make the decisions for that server.
I'm still the one controlling the files and the editing of the server itself, but mostly everything in game fuzzles will have authority to deal with.
He is the manager!

Map for the semi serious is rockford for now ( lets see how it goes ).
No money or anything will be carried over from CrewConflict, not even VIP.
VIP is a one time buy on serious RP.

Moving on to the changes I have made on CrewConflict 1.

I have added a chatbox and voice panel as you guys saw, the chat box is adjustable in size and position. Simply drag it around or stretch it out or in.

CrewConflict now runs on a modified map for us which is called "amsterville dc", this map is awesome and suits crewconflict very much.
The map is still in active development and the build that has been...