Community update 11
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The new CrewConflictRP update is finally here and this is a big update, with alot of changes. We've gone back to our roots and tried to bring back some of the elements which made it really fun. We have now mixed that with the new fun things we've added. We have also changed a lot and for some of you it will be different, but I hope everyone will find it awesome. There is something that needs to be clarified though. The new crew mod is not ready yet, but we are launching the update with the old crew system. This will require us to replace the crews later.

So crews data will be deleted when the new crew mod comes (only the crews will be deleted).

Workshop collection:

Lets take a look at some of the changes

The wipe
This is a very big part of the update. The wipe, we decided to wipe everything so people can start over. This is something we had to do in order to introduce...

Formal CCRP Server Balancing Proposal [WIP]

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Following previous comments, suggestions from Solid and other members of the community.

This documents the current Work-In-Progress proposal to Drewbie regarding the balance and on-going continued gameplay of Drew's Community.

This is a comprehensive, top-down review including entire processes, actions and decisions including, where necessary, those assigned to perform those actions.

This document covers:
  • Staff Roles, including Mentors
  • Weapon Balancing
  • Economy Balancing
  • Job Roles, including introduction of legitimate enterprises and RP focused roles.
While this document is open for suggestions, comments of one-line nature, +/- support etc. will be removed and classified as spam. If you have a serious contribution of support or negative support, please explain this clearly, with the exact points you have an issue with.

If you are in support of this document, and have no further comments to make - simply like the post.

Feedback is appreciated...
The balance update
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Hello! so the "Balance update" is here which has been something alot of you have been looking forward to. This update brings new changes to alot of regiments and even a new regiment. You can thank @Smashy @Dom The Dangerous @DeathShadow @Factory New BilboSwagz and @Malkiax . If there are any that I forgot to mention here just let me know. So lets take a look on some of the changes.

Regimental Changes
Clone Drill sergeant has received stun gun and cuffs.
501st:Minigun has even more firrate but less damage. They also have a new specilization which are the "Jet Trooper", and they have a jetpack as well as the CO.
212th: The republic launcher now does alot more damage then previously.
CG: They have received shields and can now purchase cuffs.
GM: Their rifle now fires faster the T1 that is. They also received a new specilization the "Magna Trooper", which has a shotgun and thermal detonator...
Green company and new vehicles
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Hello! So this is the new update for StarWarsRP and it brings a new regiment which are the "Green Company", and with it new vehicles and some other changes. So I have seen all regiments have been growing and we need a recon/marksman regiment. So lets take a look at whats changed for the SWRP server.

Green Company
The green company is a recon/marksman regiment with "sharpshooter" as their specialty, they also have republic speeders to get around quickly. This company will not be a front line regiment like the 212th, GM's or 501st. The new jedi general of the green company is Yoda, and EOD has received Plo Koon.

New vehicles
So the 212th have received some new vehicles, one is just a better AT-TE. They have also received some other vehicles like AT-RT and a new transport shuttle. This should make the 212th a very good regiment.

Other changes
91st now has a new main weapon A280
Active camouflage is now installed
For admins !invisible hides your HUD and...
StarWarsRP Update, TFA, New leveling system and More jobs
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Hello! So I have finally pushed out the new StarWarsRP update. I suggest you all subscribe to the workshop collection which can be found here, there are alot of new content and its best to be subscribed to it. So lets go over some of the new changes.

TFA Weapons
This is probably one of the biggest changes with this update and the one most people have asked for. Everyone has received new weapons and some new loadouts eventhough I tried to keep the loadouts almost the same. We still have some of the old guns because they were just better than some of the alternatives from TFA like the shotgun for republic commando, but most have been replaced. If you feel the gun you have received is not good enough or has some issues make sure to report it or make a suggestion to change it.

New jobs
Yes there are new jobs and they are:
Courscant Guard Bodyguard: This job was made to protect the fleet and...
Summer update
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Hello! I'm now releasing the new summer update, and it has some requested features and some new content to it. As many of you have suggested you want the place button gone, you want new weapons, you want a new meth system, you want a new trading system. Well I can tell you that this update brings exactly that. So lets take a look at the changes that have been done.

Place button
I wanted to cover this first, yes the place button is now gone.

Trading system
The inventory now has a trading system, you can simply open this by aiming at the player you want to trade with and type /trade, the other player has to type /accept then a trade window will pop up.

Expanded inventory
The inventory has been expanded now so you don't have to scroll and scroll.

There is a new crafting part now, and it's called "Weapon Parts". Weapon parts are obtained by "dismantling" your weapons, the higher rarity the more weapon parts you receive.

Drop question...
StarWarsRP the lightsaber update
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Hello! Finally the new starwarsrp update is here and it contains new content and changes. Some of these changes are requested and some are not, but I have tried to add more stuff to make things more fun.

New lightsaber system and level system:
With the new update I have added a new lightsaber system to make things more fun as a jedi, but it's not only jedis who gets something out of this. There is a leveling system here now and you can spend the skill points you earn on things which will benefit your trooper as well. Also around the map it will spawn crafting stuff you can use to craft your very own lightsaber, but remember to use proper lightsabers the rules about them still stands.

Job changes:
There are a few new jobs introduced such as:
- Emperor
- Supreme Chancellor
- Wolf Pack Scout
There are also new models for the sith such as Darth Maul, General Grevious and Count Dooku.

Regimental changes:
Like I said the Wolf pack has received a new job called the...
Government and vehicle update
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Government update
The government has been updated and put into categories with more or less the same color spectrum. Also the government and military are now properly categorized except for VIP and Premium jobs who I think should still be in their selected categories. The bank vault has also now been buffed to give government employees more for protecting the bank, and the security guard has been updated to help protect the bank and other government facilities.

New weapons
The military and police received new weapons which are the:
- MK 18 (Swat, Swat Medic, Swat Chief, US Marshal and Special Operator)
- M 16 (Marine, Marine Raider, UN Soldier and Sniper)
- SV 98 (Swat Recon and Sniper)

New models
Swat chief, swat recon, security guard and special operator received new models. This was because it was time to change them and they look better and fit in with the rest of the other models.

New cars
There are several new cars. Government received:
Evocity sunshine!
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Hello everyone!

The new update is here and with it comes a few new things!

New map
Evocity sunshine is now here and this map has been planned for a while, it's not a community specific map but it does offer some cool stuff. On the map we now have new sections one of them is now a mine.
The mine can be found just down the road from the spawn through the first tunnel across from the new PD. Other cool things is that the map now has a new theme it's palm trees and even two lakes now.
We also now have a casino so with that I wanted to upgrade the casino abit.

In the casino I have now added two more scripts!
You have the first one spin and win where you can win everything from cash to a money printer, this will be the best normal money printer you can win.
You can now also play poker hold em, there are currently four tables, if needed more will be added.

Other changes
Spawn points for cops and military are placed at their bases with a car dealer...
Easter Update
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Easter update is here!

The new easter update is here. This update only includes stuff related to easter which are:
New printers ( egg printers for all ranks )
New Bunny thief

All the content you need is in the workshop collection. I know this is not a big update, but its just an event. Still hope you all enjoy it happy easter!
Fire update
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So first of all there has been a while since there has been an update, so today I bring you the fire update. This update is gonna add a new roleplay element and a few new other things. I hope everyone will enjoy this update, and if you don't you can always tell us.

Fire system
The fire system is not just fire, we have also added fire fighters and fire trucks. These fires are extremely dangerous they do alot of damage to normal people, but not fire fighters. Fires also spreads and can ignite your props, if they do you have five minutes to get help otherwise your props will burn up. But it is not allowed to set peoples props or property on fire, like crashing your car into their maze or shooting a printer or the car to get it to start a fire.

3 new weapons
I have also added 3 new weapons:
- MAC 11, this is the new beginner weapon found at the beginners shop.
- M14
- L85A2

The staff has received some new cars...
Weapon base change
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We have just changed the entire weapon base from TFA to CW 2.0, this was done because of optimization reasons. TFA was very heavy on our server and was using a shit ton more resource and with many people it does not run well.
But we have converted the new weapons to replace the old once so you do not lose your weapons, but not every data is saved correctly so if you have any old weapons REMOVE them from your inventory.
Same goes for old blueprints, remove it.
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So we just released a new server, DrewsRP! This server is a classic darkrp server which means no leveling system which gives you health etc or a craftingmod which gives you good weapons. This is just your normal RP, gundealers etc.
It is CrewConflictRP without the leveling and crafting.

Leveling system
The server does have a leveling system but only effects jobs and printers, this is so people don't have to vote to become cops but will earn it through playing. This way we avoid most rdmers and minges.

CrewConflictRP addons
Many of the addons are the same as the once on CrewConflictRP, we wanted to bring them over. There is not much more to say about the server.
It is a DarkRP server and it has some new addons which crewconflict does not have.

Workshop collection:

Christmas update
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The Christmas update is here, and its bringing some holiday spirit!
Here are a list of some of the changes:

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations have been added and they will be placed around the map, with the decorations we also added 2 new jobs. A Santa and The Grinch.
Santa is a cop and The Grinch is a thief.

Christmas printers
Yes the Christmas printers are here now, there are 3 different Christmas printers. One for premium, one for VIP and one for normal players. There are no level requirements on these.

The weather mod is back in because we want snow for this event, the weather is set to always be cold.

NPC shops
Two new shops have been added, one materials vendor which sells bars and one blueprint shop which sells blueprints. These are extremely expensive and that is because we want players to still sell to eachother, but if you do have alot of money you can buy them.

IP change
The new IP for CrewConflictRP 1...
Update, gangs, content and ATMs!
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Today we released a new update for the server.
There are some big changes!

The organizations have been replaced with gangs, you can now level your gang and create groups within the gang!

Atms are now in so you can store your money or open accounts with your friends.

Content and workshop
The content for our server has been updated, on the server and on the workshop.
We now have crewconflictrp content packs, these there now for faster download speed for our players.

Replacing the organizations mod

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Hello everyone!

For a long time we have had the organizations mod, and there has been a few problems but only minor such as not being able to remover your members if they are offline etc.
But now I have to remove it because I want to introduce an ATM system to our server, but it wont work with organizations mod.
Note that the organization mod is the only addon conflicting with it...

So everyone withdraw your money, I don't care how you do it give it to people you trust or whatever but we will not refund money from the org banks when they are removed.

Do it as quickly as possible.

We will replace it with a gang system.

A solution to this, withdraw your money from the organization bank on evocity.
Go on Downtown and deposit it into your ATM.

Thank you.

Black Friday sale everything 50% off

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So this is the first sale on the shop, and it's gonna be the Black Friday sale we use.
Everything is 50% off even premium!
This offer will expire, so grab something while you can.

Update Cars, NLR and Police

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CrewConflict has now received an update and the changes are:

  • Police weapons damage and fire rate increased
  • New NLR system
  • New car dealer
  • New job gopnik!
  • New vehicles, go karts, trucks and new swat vans.
Because we had to change car dealer, everyone have lost their cars.
Why? because we simply can't give everyone their cars back.

Also the new NLR system are zone based, you will be ghosted when entering the area you died in.
This way you can continue to play if you get killed, but don't break NLR ofc.

The police weapon damage has also been increased because they were in need of it.

The NLR system and car dealer was changed for optimization reasons and also people kept reporting they lost some cars now and then.

[WIN] Minecraft Game Giveaway

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To celebrate the launch of the DC Minecraft server on we are giving away one free copy of the game to a lucky winner on our forums.

"Minecraft is a worldwide creative phenomenon! Well over 100,000,000 people have bought the game, making a massive community of friendly folk who build amazing things, tell stories and go on adventures together. Come join us! You can play it on pretty much anything!"
This copy is not the Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PSVita, Wii U, N3DS, Switch or Mobile (Android/iOS) editions.

It is a certified gift copy of the Java edition - playable on all versions of Windows, MacOS and Linux. Includes complete support for custom player skins!

Entries start NOW!
Entries close on Friday 17th November @ 12PM GMT.

That gives you...


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The minecraft server is finaly here!
It is a faction server with a lot of plugins, like mcmmo and custom enchants.
So grab your friends and hop on and claim the land!


Also don't forget to vote :)