Printer update
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Hello everyone, today I'm bringing a new update to CrewConflictRP with some changes where the main focus will be "printers". Yes we are getting new printers and it will change a lot. I hope everyone will like this, there are changes to how much they print and how fast they print, but I will explain why I did this and why I did that, but there are other changes as well. So lets dive right into it

We have now swapped out our printers for "Elegant Printers". These are very cool printers which works differently than those we have now. We still got the claim system, but it has been reduced to 10 claims because these printers take longer to per print. Since there are now only four different kind of printers I had to redo how they work and how much they print. There are no longer premium or VIP printers, premium and VIP now gets more money per print on the same printers. You can now also buy all four printers at once (one of each) which also times your chance to get...
Easter update
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The Easter update has just dropped. I know Easter isn't before a few days, but I thought why not expand the event a bit and get into the spirit. And its not just the Easter theme which has been added. I can finally show you guys the new update map of evocity dc. Thanks to @Smoely which has been working on this map for a while now, I think it looks great and I will get to the map specifics.

Things that has been added for Easter event:
  • Bunny thiefs
  • Easter Egg Printers
  • Easter Egg hunt, you can cash in these Easter eggs for more printers

Map update
The new map update changed our evocity a lot. For instance we have removed the "coastal area" and replaced it with a huge ocean. On this ocean you can find the old prison which now can be used as a base. There are also two more islands. We have added a harbor and on it there's a lot of npcs, these npcs are for almost every script we have such as meth, oil, grass and storage. We...

Your Kai In April Update

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Greetings people of the Republic! Now that we're swiftly approaching the anniversary of the servers creation its time to make a new update to shake things up a bit!
Due to amazing breakthroughs at Kai Industries and Unlimited Bird Works we have now got LFS AI for all republic ships! however due to a security breach the CIS have also got this AI for their Vulture and Tri fighters.
But to combat the now much more aggressive CIS forces we have outfitted the GAR with better quality weapons to prepare for getting nose dived and strafe run!

  • New weapons!
    • Nearly all regiments have received new weaponry for standard troopers, these weapons have identical / better stats than the previous
  • Luna's Flight School [LFS]!
    • New vehicles added which function completely differently to the old system. this changes these vehicles:
    • ARC Fighter
    • LAAT
    • Y Wing
    • V Wing
    • W Wing (NEW)
    • ETA 2
    • Delta 7
    • Vulture Droid...
New weapons, new police jobs and map
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This is the new update for CrewConflictRP and with it comes a lot of changes and important changes. This update is a game changer and hopefully everyone will like it. Some of these changes are based on feedback and topics from the community and some of the changes I have done because I think its the best for the community. So lets take a look at the changes.

New weapons
Its not just new weapons, its a whole revamp of the entire weapon base. We want from CW 2.0 -> M9K. Why? well most servers use M9K and they are not bad, there are many weapons compressed into a few packs which has resulted in over 50 new craftable weapons. For some people it will be sad no longer getting to customize your weapons, but just think of all the different kind of weapons there are now.

Police force changes
The sheriff department has been changed to police department. Models for the police and detectives has been changed. We have also given the police what we think are some really powerful...
New UI for both servers
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Hello everyone! as some of you have seen there's a new UI to both StarWarsRP and CrewConflictRP. The reason behind these changes are based on recommendations and that I wanted a new style. When I hired someone to make a new UI he took a look at our old HUD and found issues which was not good for optimizations and would reduce FPS. We therefor tailored a new UI based on best possible performance.

The new UI has features and some features are not on both servers. For instance both have "agenda" which are toggled by (F2 (SWRP) and F9 (CCRP).
Some differences:
  • Lawboard
  • Prop counter
  • More information above players
  • Compass
  • Jedi level
Its the same compass as the old one so if your HUD collides with the compass you change the location. The commands can be found here:

There's also now a health indicator on players instead of...
The return of the dragonlore
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Hello everyone! Like some of you know I have been busy and doing other things, but I have not forgotten about the community. I have managed to get a small update for you which brings something many people have been asking for and something extra.

AWP Dragonlore
Yes its back! the dragonlore is now craftable again, but do know its not as overpowered as it use to be.

Bitminers extra
Yes, I did add the extra bit miners stuff such as solar power and fuel tank. I have also increased how much the bitminers gives you.

Other changes
- New killfeed
- Replaced reward system with one that does not spam our screens

Like I said this is a rather small update, but at least its something and I hope you all will enjoy this.
Hades and Zens update
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This update has been done and made by @Xan and @ZenBooty. They have now both resigned, but they did finish the update. I would like to thank them both and wish them the best of luck. So lets get it into the changes:


Boss has gained access to the DC-17M Sniper Rifle, 14mm Turret, 7.62x39mm Turret
Omega has gained 14mm Turret, 7.62x39mm Turret
Pilot has gained the Y-Wing from Rebels
Gregor has gained access to the speeder bike
Niner now has access to turrets
Sarge has the Bacta Injector, DC-17M Blaster Rifle, and a new shotgun
Scorch now has the DC-17M Blaster Rifle
Aiwha has also gained access to a new shotgun

Riot EXO can now whitelist
Engineers and medics have access to the DC-15A
Riot should now have flashbangs

Fleet can now fight on the front lines, the highest ranking fleet must be protected by CG.
Yularen has been added as the Admiral.
Admiral has also gained access to the Westar Plain
Fleet Commander job...
Cars and Evocity is back
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For a while ago server two was removed and server one received downtown. The community was very split over this, some wants cars and evocity while others wanted something bigger. Downtown won because it is indeed more popular and with its new updated map its really good. However I have not forgotten those who wants evocity and the cars. That's why I'm bringing it back.

This is the normal evocity dc not the v33x dc one. We updated it to get rid of the bumpy roads so don't worry about that anymore. For now you can drive off the cliff, I might put up walls again we will see.
But the reason why I picked evocity dc over v33x dc was because its actually more popular and has a very different layout which is very good. Yes this map is extremely big and if you want to interact more with players we have downtown.

Weather mod
Since I'm expecting server two to have lower player numbers at least in the start I have installed a weather mod on it. It has night time, day...
Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP)
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Merry Christmas

With a wide selection of prizes, the Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP) is now open.

Take a look at the link below.
Bitcoin miners are back
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Hello everyone! so recently I have received some feedback people that want the printers to be increased or some other way of gaining cash while you base. Therefor I have been to some different servers checking out what they have next to their printers. And I found something that has been brought up so many times in suggestions which is "bitminers". First of all this is the new bit miner script most people already know, its not the one we had way back.

I scaled the biggest bitminer to be a decent way of getting cash and experience. Now it does not give more cash than your best VIP printer. I think this will help a lot of players that does not have VIP or Premium to level up and progress, while also making it a good option for VIP and Premium since you can have your printers next to them.

How they work
These bitminers most people know already how work, but for those that don't. You need a generate and to the generate you can directly connect a cable to the...
StarWarsRP gone CGI
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The CGI update is finally here and I would like to credit @Malkiax for putting an enourmes amount of effort and time into this update, so thank you Kai! I would like to say that the decision to make this into a CGI server came from this thread. We voted after I presented the problems with the models we had, also I would like to add that the CGI models have lore characters and a lot of customization.

So lets take a look at the changes:

Added SIM Trooper jobs for Red Team and Blue Team which can be used for PvP sims


Introduction of Elite Squad: Torrent Company (made up of lore characters), lead by EXO Appo
Jet Trooper and Heavy Trooper are now specialists within the 501st
Medic Role added

Ghost Company's EXO is now Waxer
Airborne's EXO is now Boil

Torve has been redeployed and has been replaced by RC Gregor...
Cities skyline + Industrial DLC Raffle
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1st - Cities skyline + industrial DLC

2nd - 7 Days to Die

The winner should contact Hairy Butter on either discord or steam, with verification that they are the owner of the forum account.
Hairy Butter#4164
Bulkcannon and heists
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I am now releasing an update for "server two" on downtown. This server will serve as a test server before we push this content over to the main evocity server. This is because we want to test it make sure there are no problems, and some values may be tweaked as well to find the best numbers. The update will bring a new craftable weapon, an old resource finally put into use, a new heist system and more.

I will first start talking about this new heist system which is "dheists". This is a payday 2 based heist system where you have to drill open stuff and put the loot in your bag and get it out of the location you are raiding. So far the only location is "The Bank". To raid you will need to buy a mask, a bag and drills, you will also need to equip the mask during the raid. We will still have the other vault system on the server to pay the government so you can raid that one as well.

Craftingmod changes
Almost every recipe is now cut by reduced by 20 of each bar...
Event server and content redone
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There are some big changes to the StarWarsRP server in this update. Most things won't be noticed since the content has remained mostly the same I only packed them into our own server content.

Content Packs
The first thing I would like to talk about are these "content packs". I did them to reduce loading time for new players to our server and also to make it a lot more clean. Before it was over 200 addons in our workshop collection now it is 66. Some people will probably see some errors this will either be because your gmod is not mounting it properly which is often fixed by a restart. It can also be that I have forgotten some models, if I have let me know and I will upload them at once. Please keep in mind I have packed an insane amount of addons.

Link to workshop collection:

New event server
Now the new event server is a big change for the server and how it will work. First of all this is...

StarWars RP Rank Giveaway

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  • 1
We are giving 3 lucky players to win:

1x SWRP Bundle Pack - 1st
  • Includes the VIP Package
  • Access to Jedi, RC, Jawa, Astromech Droid & Wookie
1x Jedi Package - 2nd

1x RC Package - 3rd

For more details, and how to enter, click here:
Weapon base change and new hud
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CW 2.0 is back and its the weapon base we are gonna stick with now. I'm sorry it's been so much back and forth, but we finally have a good map now and a good weapon base. There are also new changes in this small update

Weapon base
The weapon base has been changed, but BUT DO NOT WORRY WE HAVE A CONVERTER SO YOUR WEAPONS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CONVERTED TO THE NEW WEAPON BASE. It is only your blueprints which I was not able to convert. You should no longer crash as often as you did, but if you still crash there are probably more things to be fixed. The old weapon base was one of the reasons, but there can still be more of course. I will continue my best to fix all of these problems and make the experience as smooth as possible.

New UI
The hud has also been changed, now you have a lot more screen space and we have removed useless stuff like seeing your playermodel etc to try to save some FPS on it. The idea here is to make the UI as light as possible. And it was...
Introducing Crew Wars [DISCONTINUED]
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Introducing the Weekly Crew Wars Event

The goal of this weekly event is for ONE Crew to take home the King of the Hill, proving they're currently the Strongest Crew on the Server and also reaping a large cash reward for their Crew.

Strongest Crew: Unclaimed
Unclaimed - 7/10/18
Unclaimed - 30/9/18
Unclaimed - 23/9/18

The fall update
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The fall update is finally here and its not super big, but it does bring some changes to crewconflictrp. Some of these changes are based on suggestions and discussions on the forums and which the community has been asking or voting for. So lets dive right into it.

Make casinos great again
First of all there are new slot machines, the sushi slot machine. Currently its not modified too much so its a low bet machine. A lot of people have also been asking for a high bet "double or nothing machine", thats why all the double or nothing machines now costs 100.000 and can reward up to 100.000.000. That's not all for a while people like @RickJames have been asking for a higher casino table. Now both servers has a high bet table, that table also has its own room on both servers in the casino. The spin and win will also be added back.

Fruit slicer
This addon is something more than one person has suggested, both @CCTV and...
The TLC update
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This update is brought to you by @DeathShadow these patch notes are also his. Also just every perma prop and text screen has been removed, it was too many props which was reducing the FPS by a lot. This time around think through what you build in your office or barracks, don't use a shit ton of small props for instance. And if you can use a bigger prop for instance for wall do it, don't just stack it because you are lazy. PHX has many variations of props and don't use a 1X1 if you have a wall which 4X4, then use the 4X4 plate to cover the entire thing right? exactly. Also I would like to credit:
@Malkiax (Models)
@Factory New BilboSwagz (Equipment)

This update focuses mostly on revising the following regiments:

  • 212th
  • 501st
  • CG
  • EOD
  • GC
  • 91st
  • ARC
  • ONI
  • CT
Other regiments, which weren’t mentioned, will be revised later. The major revise is model change. Each regiment has new models, which...
New crew mod
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Finally the crew mod is here and its ready. The new crew mod will replace our current crew system. No data or anything will be carried over, every crew will have to start over again. That has been announced before. I would also like to point out this crew mod will require a lot more from you and your fellow members in order to level up and unlock new things. Its not gonna be cheap or fast since its suppose to be a team effort. So lets take a look at some of its features.

New menu

As many of you can see this is a new menu as well. Here we are in the "management" tab which from you can do different things such as deposit money and upgrade the crew. As you can also see it shows how much money and XP you need in order to level up, when you meet these requirements you can click "upgrade crew" and advance to the next level. Crew members also increases by two each...