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Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP)
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Merry Christmas

With a wide selection of prizes, the Grand Drew's Community Christmas Giveaway (CCRP) is now open.

Take a look at the link below.


StarWars RP Rank Giveaway

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We are giving 3 lucky players to win:

1x SWRP Bundle Pack - 1st
  • Includes the VIP Package
  • Access to Jedi, RC, Jawa, Astromech Droid & Wookie
1x Jedi Package - 2nd

1x RC Package - 3rd

For more details, and how to enter, click here:


Formal CCRP Server Balancing Proposal [WIP]

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Following previous comments, suggestions from Solid and other members of the community.

This documents the current Work-In-Progress proposal to Drewbie regarding the balance and on-going continued gameplay of Drew's Community.

This is a comprehensive, top-down review including entire processes, actions and decisions including, where necessary, those assigned to perform those actions.

This document covers:
  • Staff Roles, including Mentors
  • Weapon Balancing
  • Economy Balancing
  • Job Roles, including introduction of legitimate enterprises and RP focused roles.
While this document is open for suggestions, comments of one-line nature, +/- support etc. will be removed and classified as spam. If you have a serious contribution of support or negative support, please explain this clearly, with the exact points you have an issue with.

If you are in support of this document, and have no further comments to make - simply like the post.

Feedback is appreciated...

[WIN] Minecraft Game Giveaway

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To celebrate the launch of the DC Minecraft server on mc.drewscommunity.com we are giving away one free copy of the game to a lucky winner on our forums.

"Minecraft is a worldwide creative phenomenon! Well over 100,000,000 people have bought the game, making a massive community of friendly folk who build amazing things, tell stories and go on adventures together. Come join us! You can play it on pretty much anything!"
This copy is not the Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PSVita, Wii U, N3DS, Switch or Mobile (Android/iOS) editions.

It is a certified gift copy of the Java edition - playable on all versions of Windows, MacOS and Linux. Includes complete support for custom player skins!

Entries start NOW!
Entries close on Friday 17th November @ 12PM GMT.

That gives you...

New IP - Increased Player Limit

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Hi Guys,
We've moved to a new IP address with a greater player limit.

Other resources and systems will be updated soon.


Server Move

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We've moved IP address

You can join CrewConflict RP on our new IP here:

Make sure to add it to your favourites for next time!

Statement on Paysafecard & Alternative Donation Methods

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It has come to my attention that the demand for purchasing VIP & Premium via Paysafecard has come to the point where we need to explain why we do not directly accept it.

Paysafe - the company that owns and permits the use of the Paysafecard only permits directly registered merchants. This means only large business' that take thousands a day in transactions are accepted into their merchant programme.

This means we have to register with a payment gateway - such as Paymentwall.com. While these are a good option we have to take a hit on the money given to us (typically 15%) meaning VIP and Premium would be more expensive to players as we would have to put the price up to match what we receive from PayPal.

Additionally there are currently no systems we own that integrate directly with any of the payment gateways that support Paysafe. This means I have to spend extensive amounts of time coding an...

drewscommunity.com Update

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Just a quick couple of updates for everyone

Ban System Changes
We have now changed our web system for viewing bans following the sudden death of the previous scripts author.

This new system operates differently and includes a built-in appeal system. Currently there are no plans to transition fully to this system - any appeals sent to it will be automatically denied.
Why? Well, although it seems easier for the person banned it does not allow a complete, open and public discussion between all parties involved. Additionally it also does not allow for anyone to upload evidence to fight their case. We currently have that ability on our forums, and there's no reason to change it for something worse.

We use the online ban system to track our admins bans to ensure they comply with the standards we set at DC, that the bans are fair, just and aren't excessive. It also enables us to protect all our servers under one umbrella. Meaning if you break a rule on any...

Website Downtime

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Hi All,
I'd like to apologise for the website being down over the past week.

Our previous host (UK2.net) discovered a flaw in one of my old websites no longer used which was subsequently used to send spam.

After removing the script and removing the sites suspension we found that for some reason PHP and MySQL on the server weren't talking properly. After multiple, and repeated explanations to UK2.net they have not been forthcoming with a solution. Meaning not only was this site down, but a number of ones used for various clients in my business.

This trouble continued for well over 7 business days which is unacceptable with UK2.net repeatedly stating there was an issue with the code of the site. If that was the case, how did it work before?

Anyways, I took an exact copy of the site on the old server (which was supposedly broken), and its database. Moved it to a brand spanking new (and faster) VPS provided by 123-Reg and hey presto, we are up and running again.

Sorry for the...

DC Rust!

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Hi Everyone,

DC has now got a rust server, come and join us!

2016-06-06 (20).png

It is a modded server with a procedural map. So to find us, click Play Now, Modded and in the search at the bottom type drew,

We hope to see you there!

The server has a whole bunch of neat features and mods that help enhance the gameplay for you. Currently we have:
  1. Clans - Like CCRP you can gang together and conquer the map!
  2. Levelling - Become a stronger survivor, level up your character to increase your resource gathering.
  3. Teleportation - Because walking is lame!
  4. Sign Artist - Paint a picture, with any image online!
  5. Much more!
See the live map here: http://map.playrust.io/?

Rule Changes 10/02/16

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Hi Guys,
Just to let you all know we have revised the rules surrounding AFK-ing as certain jobs.

Basically with the introduction of the Banking/Bank Robbing system people have been abusing how it rewards those in government positions.

So we will now demote/warn/ban anyone who is:
  • AFK-ing as CP, SWAT, CP Chief, SWAT Recon, Mayor or any other 'Government' position.
  • AFK-ing as a Banker or Basing as a banker/not working in the bank.*
*You may own a house, but most of your time must be spent at the bank. You may also belong to a base, so you can store/access your printers. You cannot defend it and visits must not exceed 5 minutes.

We are also going to be a lot more vigilant on announcing raids. It is your choice to announce the start of the raid, but you must announce using /advert when you have given up or ended the raid. You do not need to use /advert for carjackings...

DC YouTube Account & more!

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Hey Guys,
Today to help with a player report I have created a new YouTube account for the group. Here we will host your player videos (with your permission, of course) and special features from the team so please subscribe!

Another purpose of this account is to host converted .DEM files for player reports. These videos will be unlisted and tied directly to the report of the player. If you see anything that breaks the rules please report them, make a recording either using the built in demo function or using fraps etc etc.

We now have finalised a proper drewscommunity.com email address. This now means that anyone using the contact us section of the site will get through to me directly.

If you need any help with any part of the site or on game, don't hesitate to contact me.


Steam Integration!

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Steam Integration is now here, thanks to the suggestion from player KforKill!

In order to combine your existing Drew's Community account you'll need to visit this page - http://drewscommunity.com/account/external-accounts

You will need to sign into your Steam account. Once that has gone through, you'll be asked to provide the password for your current DC account. If you have forgotten your password, sign out and use the Forgot password? feature on the forum login bar.

New registrations can be performed either through steam or directly on the site as before.

- Xirii

Going Legit, drewscommunity.com

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Hi Guys,
I've decided to invest in a .com domain for the group. You'll now find us at drewscommunity.com.

I have moved the entire site from our gamehost provider to a dedicated webhost. This means much faster access and it makes it a heck of a lot easier to FTP files around. The gamehost provider was so incredibly slow. If we are able to shift the fastdl around, this should also make that a heck of a lot faster too.

With the new domain I've also added some DNS entries for our servers. You can also access CrewConflictRP and minecraft using these addresses:



You will also need to update any bookmarks, any links to the old site will tell you to visit drewscommunity.com instead.