New guns and military models
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Hello everyone! the server is now updated and there's been a few big changes. All guns are now converted to arccw from tfa/m9k. There are no other guns now except the dragonlore and those three other guns. I have converted all of your weapons except those. The reason why this change was made was to simply get a better experience. Since these M9K weapons didn't work properly and didn't feel as good.

New guns/airdrops
The new guns are converted and so are the crates. The airdrop also now drops some new guns and some guns you already have which can only be obtained from airdrops. This is to make some guns more "rare". You will probably figure out which ones these are. The airdrops also has a huge loot table, this results in crate weapons can drop there and the rare guns.
Also the new gun mode is crazy when it comes to customization. And from testing stats works properly on them, for instance you don't get negative recoil.

New military models
Changed models on:
- Marine...
Drews Community DayZ
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Welcome to Drews Community DayZ 😄
A dayz server with several mods which can be found below. The server is by the way first person locked.
Some of the mods
- More loot (more variation)
- Map (so you know where you are without having to alt tab)
- Unlimited stamina
- Air drops
- C4

IP: or search for
CrewConflictRP update which includes wipe to cash, DC tokens and Cars
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This update took a while getting together and thanks so much to @Poggerlinos for helping. This update was delayed a lot due to two things. I really wanted to introduce a new accessory system and a normal mining system for crafting. It did not get ready in time and its still in the process of getting ready to be introduced so it will be dropped later when its ready.

The following changes are applied:

Money wipe/Prestiges

The money is wiped along with "itemstore" the inventory. This is because I've heard rumors people tried to avoid getting wiped and they stored cash in there. We wiped the cash because it was exploited heavily over a long time without me knowing about it. I will try to backup the database for cash more frequently this time, however to avoid these type of situations please report exploits and bugs. Do not utilize and exploit them.

I decided to wipe Prestiges as well

DC Tokens
Tokens can be acquired by playing on the server. You can...

Rust release date and time

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Hi! so here's a little post about rust. The rust server will launch this friday at 1700 GMT +1. The server will be wiped from previous testing so its 100% fresh. The server will just a few a plugins to start with and we will open up for suggestions.

So far it will be
- 2X
- QuickSmelt
- InfoPanel
- BetterChat
- Clans

I've been looking into "BetterLoot" but can't tell if thats a good plugin or a bad one really. The server also won't have any set rules except for the basics like behaviour and cheating. For now there's no limit on how big your teams/clans can be etc.

Hope to see you all here for this event!
Huge swrp update! Phase 1, playable mandalorian clans and more!
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D-day is over! (Special thanks to bauldrick and every staff member who helped to make it possible! Now we must move forward by moving back in time!

The community has voted! After the DDay and killing the jedi, we reverted back into phase 1!

But that's not all! There is a new playable mandalorian clan that you can join today! (This is not buyable, you will start out as a foundling and move through the ranks)

There are several smaller things that were changed that you can go and check out yourself!

Have fun and glory to the republic!

Community Update: Where are we headed?

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Hello everyone,

I know we haven't posted a general Community Update for a very, very long time. Either way, we understand how all the servers are doing now, and there's no point in denying, interest in Gmod, in general, is fading. We can notice this by the decreasing player counts. It's a sad thing to see happening, but it's part of life. There were good times and happy memories; even I have a certain vibe of nostalgia.

So the point of this thread is to give you guys what lays ahead and reply to a few questions, most commonly: Is DC shutting down? No.

Drew built this community with the idea of gathering people online to meet and have some good vibes. I believe he managed to achieve just this, obviously, right now, player bases are low, but a lot of you still hang around Discord and the forums. I even know a few of you made a few small groups to play other games together. So obviously, we are happy with the result.

So where have the three big heads been, namely Drew, Xirii and...
Shadow company rework, new models, new stun gun and more!
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As some of you are aware, during this update we pulled representatives from each regiments in and involved them a lot more.

We have several new models with new looks for ARC, SC and CG

Shadow company have finally been reworked into an 8 person squad and are now able to send invites to anyone

We now have an addon which lets us spawn droids using droppods instead of the npc spawner tool

We finally have a new stun gun

Added Pistols to most jobs.
WP exfiltrator now has stun grenades
WP now has a universal gun

Heavys now have Squadshields, and a pistol
SGT+ now has impact grenades

Jet-trooper now has an a280 and impact grenades
Jesse and Fives are now arc troopers

Revamp with new System and Models
Shadow now has a...
Patch notes 06/12/2020
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This update was quite big, in many terms.

We now have access to an event server.

Equipment revamp! (we still have several pieces of equipment to give out including but not limited to: Snipers, Rocket launchers, squad shields, barc speeders etc. Contact me about what interests you for your regiment)

Billys keypads and keycards (a completely fresh keycard system with 4 levels, reflecting on what rank you are, giving you access to specific doors and other places)

Subregiments were merged with core giving more importance to specialisations. (Use your specialisation during combat and your normal equipment while you are guarding/being on base without hostiles)

Re-added some old models for event jobs (Ventress, jedi hunter, etc)

104th now is turned into Wolfpack, they also have a new specilisation

There is now only 1 CO and 1 EXO

212th now have a pilot and a tanker specilisation

There is more but come find it out yourself :3
December update CCRP
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December update for CrewConflictRP is live on Evo! some of the changes will be listed in order down below:

- Added Santa Cop
- Added a thief for normal users, VIP and premium

- Map has been updated to christmas themed evo

Crates are now presents

New addons
- Billy's keypads
- Day and night cycle
- Blogs for staff (cuz it runs with billy's keypads)

Added 5 more prestiges, max rank is now 163

New boss fight
- Halloween addon is back (christmas themed)

Downtown will get updated as well
CrewConlifctRP Update skins, lootcrates and much more
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Update is now live and its a really big one. Before I go into the changes one by one I'd like to say that this update is pretty much a game changer. It also leans more towards the "OG" way of playing CrewConflictRP. The reason why It's more "OG" is because the map has been updated with the old textures and feel of the old map. You can also no longer sit in your base and open crates. You need to go out and find them or craft them.

Map changes:
So first of all the map has been updated with the old classic v33x textures while we kept the buildings and layout the same. Except we added in the nexus. So all your dupes will still work.

It does look good I'm I right?

The lootcrates are no longer purchaseable from the inventory itself. Now you must either craft them or find them. With Zero Factorian you can actually have auto crafters that will assemble the crates for you if you are good enough. The lootcrates will...
October update
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It took a while but here it is:

Patch notes:
New models for:
Shadow Company

Doubled lightsaber damage

Fixed and configured some event jobs

Readded sweps for:

Bounty hunter:
Reduced base health by 100
Can now spawn his own special ship

Removed: Old unused models and content for more space to add new things

Pistoles for CTs and DSGTs
Dual wielded pistols for SNR DSGT El-les and Bric
Grapple hook for SNR DSGT+
Stun stick for El-les and Bric -> will get removed if abused
DSGTs received new models before

Removed GM

Jet troopers received grenade launchers
Replaced all thermals with impact grenades
New gun for medics
Smoke grenades for medics
Added grapple hook for Vanguard and Appo
Changed Rex model

New Tx-130 added to all the ghost jobs...
DC tokens a shared community currency
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Hello everyone! This is a shared update for StarWarsRP and CrewConflictRP. It includes a new currency you can get on both servers which is called "DC Tokens". So what is DC tokens? Well the tokens are basically credits which you can spend on an in game store. The store will hold selected items from our cash shop.

Current items
- Jawa (This is the testing package so we can get the auto whitelisting done, but if you manage to get it before I get it to work I will make it say you bought it so staff can whitelist you)

- 5 and 115 mill in game cash

I will continue to add packages as we go.

So how do you earn DC tokens? well the only way to earn DC tokens now is to be in on the server. It doesn't matter if you are playing or AFK you will get 5 tokens each 15 minute. The tokens are shared across both servers. So if you are playing both servers you will gain tokens regardless of which server you are on. If you are for instance saving up for Jawa...
Clone Wars community update
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Hi there! So this is the new update to CloneWars where we have actually done a lot of work. The entire weapon armory has been swapped out for a new and improved weapon collection based on the same base TFA! These weapons are of much higher quality and the gunplay feels much better. The changes to the weapons where carried out by BigSteve, but authorized by the management of the server.

This is not the only change since its a huge change, and this can be considered as a huge update since it touches so many players, well it actually impacts everyone. So lets talk about our other changes:

Rebuilding of content
I have personally packed content into our own contentpacks so we can more easily keep a track of what we have and its also easier for me to open one collection you all can subscribe to.

While doing this I noticed our playermodels content is 5 times the size of for...
SWRP July/August Update
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Hello folks!

It's been some time since the last update. Because of this, this update is even bigger.
Let's begin with the "small" stuff.

  • Consulars
    • Gain Shaman Heal
  • Guardians
    • Remove “Krelach, remus and varonno” as not on server anymore
  • Master
    • Aayla same Engineer Loadout as Windu
    • Nerf Master Job health down to 1500
      • Give Master job “weapon_uni_cracker”
  • Council
    • Mace Windu gain Drone Tools and Artisan Drones

  • 501st Legion
    • Added ARF models to vehicle jobs
  • 501st Torrent
    • Give Squadshield to Appo
  • Remove Y-Wing New from the spawn menu
  • Add AT-RT to ARC
  • Buff...
Community update CrewConflictRP Custom Downtown
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Since yesterday the server has been locked due to a new update. This new update introduces a new custom downtown version for Drew's Community CrewConflictRP. The map is of course based upon downtown tits which we had prior to this, but is very improved and simply awesome. I can say there are many secret rooms and hiding spots! There are other changes with this update as well which I will get into.

In this updated I cleaned up some jobs and all the playermodels, most new models are now GTA models which are pretty small in size and simple, we are gonna add more models of course, but it was about time to clean up. The size of the server was reduced from 5g to 3.5gb. Which im very happy with, these models are also excellent optimized and costs little to render.

Optimization scripts
Several optimization scripts has been added

New F4
Both CCRP and SWRP had an update to the F4 menu. SWRP have used it for a while, but now CCRP also has it...
CrewConflict Community Update
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Hello! so this update I had to do installing parts at the time. Why? because I have been constantly working and moving for a whole week now, and each shift is 12 hours which leaves very little time to get on the PC, but here it finally is. So lets dive into the changes.

We recently installed M9K in our unboxing system for those people that wanted that. After all M9K is a solid weapon base with some good models.

Zero's Factory
This was suggested from Chad/Doggo and it looks really good, you can make money of it (if its too low we will increase it) and armors, yes you heard me armors!

So far we've only added 3 armors and they are quite pricey on F4 becasue you are suppose to craft them, they have special abilities which is pretty cool. These are not permanet and they are limited by time and if you die they will be removed. This script is in early alpha for our server and we will probably need to adjust it a lot, but lets start somewhere.
Known bug...
SWRP June/July Update
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This months update is focused on reducing the content size aswell as fixing some issues, so there isn't much *new* stuff but I hope you still enjoy it regardless.

  • Sentinels
    • Add Laser Drone
    • Remove Advanced Cloak from Sentinel
  • Master
    • Rename Commander Job to Master Job
    • Give Aayla Secura ability to spawn a LAAT/i
    • Aayla same Engineer Loadout as Windu
    • Cin Drallig add to master tree
  • Council
    • Mace Windu gain Repair Tool, Drone Tools (Radar, Remote and Hacker) and Artisan Drones
    • Yoda’s scale set to 0.6

  • 501st Legion
    • Trooper - Give him bf2017_dc15a
    • Sergeant - Give him bf2017_dc15a
    • CO add...
CrewConflictRP update, ui, new guns, new motorcycles, bikers and playermodels
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The crewconflictrp server is now open and updated. Sorry it took so long, but it was kind of a big update. We have made loads of changes to both client and serverside. The focus started primarly to optimize as much as possible because we detected flaws in some scripts over at starwarsrp which CCRP also used. And while I was working on to fix those I decided to make more changes. So lets dive into them

New UI
Its a brand new UI to Drew's Community which involves matching chatbox, F4 and admin report system. These themes were based on the HUD and scoreboard so we didn't replace those, but we made the new ones fit them better.

Bikers and motorcycles
We have added a bandit job with different mc biker models like Darryl and Dixon from the walking dead, as well as the southside serpents from Riverdale. We have also added motorcycles and a few different ones and a new funny car.

New weapons
New CS:GO weapons has been added, the blueprints can so far be found in...
DC SWRP April Update
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DC SWRP April Update

Hello everyone!
Once again, it is time for the monthly update. This month we have a lot of additions, including two new jobs.
These jobs are:
Republic Bounty Hunter
Republic Engineer

These jobs take aspects from CCRP, making use of the public service job and the Hitman job.
These jobs are to add something for the players to do and could add to any immersive scenarios.
The rules for these jobs will be in a separate post.

Ship not included*

This update has been put together by Nea as I, Hades was on LOA. So thank you Nea.
These new roles can be purchased on the Drews Community Store:
Legends already have access to these jobs and will just need to request access to the whitelist.
Right, back to the changelog!

HP balancing is included in this update.

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130...
Community update april
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Hello! so I decided to call this a community update since the april update counts for both servers. Its not a huge update, but it was some work. A lot of the content has been updated and new addons has been added and will get added over time. Now that I see people coming to our servers again I feel more motivated to try to bring DC back into a popular state. SWRP has been doing very well for a good time, so thanks to everyone there, the players, the staff team and @Hades you guys did so CrewConflictRP was able to stay up. So lets get to it.

- Added claim system for printers ( You can now claim max 10 printers, and it takes 10 money withdrawls to claim a printer )
- Reduced the time to print, the printers are now faster going from ( 100 seconds without upprades to 75, and with upgrades from 85 to 50 )
- Added deathcards you can buy ( like in call of duty )
- Replaced the ATM system with a new one, its sort the same, but the other one had...