ACCEPTED Utopia’s Staff Application

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Jan 6, 2019
General Info

In-Game Name: Battalion General Utopia / Eeth Council

Discord Name And Hashtag: Utopia the Lightning#4587

Preferred name: Utopia

Age (Must Be 16+, You May Be Asked To Provide ID): 18

Timezone: GMT


How Many Regiments Are You Currently Active Within: 2 - naval (I am assigned to 104th and SC) and Jedi

How Long Do You Play During The Weekdays (In Hours): 2hrs on weekdays

How Long Do You Play During The Week End (Per Day: , 4-8hrs on weekends (too long)

Previous Punishments:

We Will Be Checking These So Do Not Lie.

Have You Recieved Any Previous Punishments On the SWRP Server: yes

Have You Recieved Any Previous Punishments On Any DC Server: yes

About you:

In Your Own Words, What Makes You Stand Out From Other Applications: I have been apart of the common for 2 years (I joined the forums in January but server in November)so I bring experience. I am able to be serious when needed and will do what needs to be done regardless of personal information. I think of new ideas for the server and what to add so I can bring new ideas to the staff team. I have written a couple event docs for staff to use so they have some ones in more detail.

In Your Own Words, What Would You Bring To Our Staff Team:
I would bring some new ideas into staff and ways to help improve the server and DC as a whole

Tell us about you:

Choose ONE Personallity Trait To Describe Yourself And Why:
Open. This is because I am happy to bring ideas forward regardless of other’s opinions and will give my honest opinion in all situations.

Briefly, Why Should We Accept You In The Staff Team: I believe I have spent enough time on server and believe it is perhaps time to join the staff team and help out there so I can help the community.


Have You Ever Been A Staff Member On A SWRP Server: no

If Yes, What Were Your Duties: N/A

Have You Ever Been Staff On A GMOD Server: No

If Yes, State What Server Genre (e.g HL2RP, DarkRP) And What Were Your Duties: N/A

Have You Ever Been Staff On Other Servers/Communities: no

If Yes, What Were Your Duties: N/A


A Player has Claimed That A Bounty Hunter Has Killed Them For No Reason, What Would You Do: I would speak to the player who has been killed and check that the player was killed by the bounty Hunter I would then see who shot first or if he got involved in attacking the bounty Hunter during a separate hit. If the claim was true I would speak with the BH and tell them they can’t RDM. I would warn them for tier two as if they have the package they should be aware if the rules they must abide by

You Are Playing On The Server With Your Friends, One Of Them Goes AFK In MHB As An RC, What Would You Do:
If they left without out warning prior I would warn them and change their role for pay check farming and then respawn them. If the said they were leaving I would remind them to change their role to cadet in order to avoid pay check farming and a warn.

A 212th Commander Has Spawned A NBT Bomber On Top Of Players And Has Crushed Them To Death, What Would You Do:
If the Commander had done this purposely I would warn the commander for RDM or MRDM (depending on numbers) and Inform an assigned general if it was an IC reason to crushing them. If it was accidental I would speak with the Commander and tell to look out. If the people were trying to get crushed I would tell them not to do so in the future and if they continued after being warned not to further action would be taken


Do You Understand That Your Application May Not Be Successful And That Asking About Your Application May Result With Instant Denial: Yes, I understand

This Is A Legal Requirement. Applying When Not The Age Of 16 Years Or Above By Means Of Deception Is Considered Fraudulent And Is Punishable To The Maximum Extent Possible Under UK Law. Your Account May Be Terminated From Drew's Community Both In-Game, On All Servers And On The Forums.
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