TicTac Fleet App

Jan 28, 2021
Basic Info

Trooper Name: CBG SO 2374 TicTac

Regiment: CG

Rank: MJR/SO


Playtime: 227.85 hr

Discord name and numbers: meerkat master#6255

OOC Info

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:554137568

Do you have a mic: Yes

Summary of you: I am a 16-year-old got nothing to do on a daily and always trying to have fun in some way and always and always try my best

Are you staff on any DC related servers: Yes

Have you ever been kicked or banned from a DC related server (if yes why): no

Incharacter Info:

Describe in your own opinion, the roles, and jobs of fleet (Try to add more than just "Granting and Denying"): commanding missions and giving orders to specific people/regiments. To help Regiments run smooth and work well and help when needed

Have you ever been demoted or kicked from a reg (if yes why): No

Do you understand fleet is a extremely important role, you will be given many more mature and responsible roles/job, Do you accept the importance and are ready for this responsibility: Yes

Any previous fleet experience: no

Any previous command experience (if yes please say): SO/MJR

What can you offer fleet: I am a active player that can help when needed and will try my best to accomplish the mission and help any regiment when needed.

Anything else you want to add: Nope


Here are some common scenarios you will be faced with in fleet, please answer these to the best of your ability, there is room below the scenario please write your answer there

The ship is under attack and the Jedi are calling for assistance at the temple due to being overrun. Who do you send where?

I would get some Regiment to hold the vital points such as CG-D3, WP-ER and so on. Then I would send any spear people E.g 501st to the temple to help by a Laat when done I would ask the Jedi if they need the help if not I would tell the 501st to come back but if they do they will stay until not needed.

You are doing a Mando with the entire ship and an entire regiment walks off. How do you handle this?

I would Get CG to arrest them and then ask why they walked of. Then I would explain why they are getting the Mando if they do not comply I would inform there naval/ higher ups but if they do I would let them go back into the Mando. if it was CG i would get MCO and BG to arrest them and do the same.

a regiment disobeys your orders on a mission(planetary) and claims they followed a different persons orders. the person they claim to have listened to is not on the server. The actions the regiment took messed up your battle plan and almost lost the mission objective. What do you do?

I would find out who told the order then contact them and find out if they gave the order after that I would find out what happened from their eyes so I can understand it more than I would speak to the regiment on how it nearly failed the mission. Then I would go and report what happened to their higher up/naval.
Dec 14, 2019
Shit Tictac, you really made this post faster than you can arrest me.

Nah but it's a +1 for me even though Tictac put fuckall thought or time in this app.
The reason being he is a nice,serious(when he has to be) and good lad. Seeing as he likes watching his own CG get beat up by prisoners he would fit right in with fleet, that like watching their clones die in front of them because they made a dumb choice on purpose.
Jan 29, 2021
Mikey you say that but he never lisena to you you would get mad at him for it he would ask for a mando and to be demoted and then you have flat visor gang witch was a pine to stop
it was just a little ongoing joke between me and him and he dose listen to me. but its diffrent since we are good mates in real life so yea i stand by what i said.