Game Night now Official

Hello everyone,
As the majority of you guys are aware off, our servers went offline for the entire weekend. Fortunately we finally have news and expect them all to go back up today. Anyways, due to the server outage we all gathered on the SWRP Voice Comms and decided to play multiple games together, raging from GMOD to GTA Online. After the amazing success I spoke with Xirii, and even asked you guys, so we decided to make Game Night Official. We now have a proper forum subsection, which is still a WIP, where you can post game suggestions and one of us Admins will then choose the official Game Night for the upcoming week. We plan to do this once every week as it's quite fun and brings the community together.

There really were some amazing highlights, from us visiting other gmod SWRP and HogwartsRP servers, to changing a Death Run Map to Flatgrass. I hope all of you enjoyed it as well and you are all willing to participate.

So please, give us game suggestions as well, so we can plan this properly and have an amazing Evening full of laughs and memes.

On other news, I will try to be more active on the various servers we have and use Discord Voice Channels, I'm quite the busy person IRL, but these last few days were quite enjoyable and I think the majority of you really liked seeing me around.

See ya soon!


Sep 10, 2018
These last few days was really fun, i enjoyed the deathrun/gta/ raiding other servers witch was very funny.
The 1 problem i found was that people was moving gamemodes/games very quickly e.g the deathrun some people wanted to stay when others wanted to leave so then we lost a few players. other then that it was great