Bauldricks Fleet application


SWRP Events Manager
Senior Staff
Oct 31, 2019
Basic Info
Trooper Name: ARC CO Bauldrick
Regiment: ARC
Rank: CO
Age: 17
Playtime: Every other day at most
Discord name and numbers: Bauldrick#2952

OOC Info
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:178542936
Do you have a mic: yes
Summary of you: I am a 17 year old media student currently in my last year, I'm going onto uni this year if I pass my current course or if I decide other wise. I enjoy playing on the server and have been here for about a year now and plan to stick around for a bit longer.
Are you staff on any DC related servers: Yes
Have you ever been kicked or banned from a DC related server (if yes why): No

Incharacter Info:
Describe in your own opinion, the roles and jobs of fleet (Try to add more than just "Granting and Denying"): They are there to lead missions and give orders, assist the regiment they work with in making it the best and strongest.
Have you ever been demoted or kicked from a reg (if yes why): No
Do you understand fleet is a extremely important role,you will be given many more mature and responsible roles/job, Do you accept the importance and are ready for this responsibility: Yes
Any previous fleet experience: Yes I have been a Fleet LT in the past.
Any previous command experience (if yes please say): Yes
What can you offer fleet: I am very active, i try to get on every day if i can i also have lots of experience leading troops.
Anything else you want to add: If you want me to elaborate or explain anything again let us know.

Here are some common scenarios you will be faced with in fleet, please answer these to the best of your ability, there is room below the scenario please write your answer there

1. The ship is under attack and the Jedi are calling for assistance at the temple due to being overrun. Who do you send where?
I will get one 212th or RP pilot to the SHB where I will arrange for one of the more active regiments to get there lets say for example 501st. I will have the 501st go to assist the jedi while leaving the rest of the troopers on base to defend and if the situation requires it I will have a secondary reg e.g ARC or RC on stand by to go and assist if needed.

2. You are doing a mando with the entire ship and an entire regiment walks off. How do you handle this?
I will have CG and DSGT's chase them down and arrest them and have them held where the mando is taking place to watch, once the main mando is done they will get to redo the mando overagain while everyone else is done and I will also inform the regimen command of what they did.

3. a regiment disobeys your orders on a mission(planetary) and claims they followed a different persons orders. the person they claim to have listened to is not on the server. The actions the regiment took messed up your battle plan and almost lost the mission objective. What do you do?
I will have that regiment fall back and give them a quick talk too while I plan another attack plan and get that going then after the mission I will have another longer talk with them about what happened and give them a warning not to do it in futer and again inform the regiment command of what happened.