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    Admin Staff Application

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    Africa Prop Blocked Tiger

    Im just doing this cause tiger told me to
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    Africa Prop Blocked Tiger

    I was trying to kill myself so he could just go away and leave me, and my friend alone, but he killed me.
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    Africa Prop Blocked Tiger

    It was him putting a prop infront of the sign, but i have a pic of him rdming me, and tiger
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    Africa Prop Blocked Tiger

    He had tiger trapped in an area where he couldnt get out, africa just sat there laughing, started shooting when there was no kos sign, he made a kos sign when he was trapped so he killed him. He put a sign over my building sign Links Propblock-...
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    Unboxing System

    I was thinking maybe you can add some sort of unboxing system, where you can trade different items that you unlock <3
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    Rank on the other server

    Premium STEAM_0:1:184709216
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    Can i get my VIP rank on crewconflict 2???

    Can i get my VIP rank on crewconflict 2???
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    My VIP

    Can i get premium? my steamid is STEAM_0:1:184709216
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    Willy... Instead of stopping him, he shoots back
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    It was chapos, he was in the call with me
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    Willy kept harrassing me.
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    Hungrys Staff Application.

    Thanks man :)
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    Hungrys Staff Application.

    Basic Details Username: IRL NAME: Tim ING name: DFWU OWNER HUNGRY steam: SoapMadness steam id:STEAM_0:1:184709216 Age: 15, going on to be 16 in november Location/Timezone: I live in North Carolina, my time zone is UTC Your Experience I owned my own dark roleplay server, Have i been staff...